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Creating a FIXIT (Service) Request via the New FIXIT

  1. Go to the   FIXIT Home page
  2. Click the   Go to FIXIT  link
  3. You will be asked to log in using your   NetID  and   NetID Password  (NetID Single Sign-On screen.) Enter your   NetID  and   NetID password  > Click the   Login  button.  

    log in screen
  4. This will bring you into the FIXIT list view screen  

    list view screen
  5. Features of the FIXIT list view include:
    1. Showing:  You will have the ability to view   All Open Work Requests  or   All Work Requests
      1. Standard users will be able to see any Work Requests that they have entered.
      2. Building Managers will be able to see any Work Requests they entered, as well as any Work Requests for the building(s) he/she manage.
    2. New Work Request:  Allows you to create a new Work Request.
    3. Export to Excel:  Allows you to export your data to Excel for further data manipulation.
    4. Filters:  Gives you the ability to filter by most of the fields in the list view (ex. Filter by Work Order Status.)
  6. To create a new work request, click the   Create Work Requests  link   OR  the   New Work Request  link  

    Create work request
  7. Fill in the following information to create a Work Request:
    1. Problem Location:  Choose a campus location (example: INDOORS-MAIN CAMPUS, RESIDENCE HALLS)
    2. Building:  Choose a building located at that location.
    3. Room:  Choose a room located in the building.
    4. Problem Description:  Choose a problem from the drop down list (NOTE: If you choose problem deemed an EMERGENCY, you will be unable to submit the request and will be given a phone number to call instead.)
    5. Pest:  Will only appear if you choose Pest Control Required or Exterminator from the Problem Description list. Choose a Pest from the drop down list (Required.)
    6. Problem Details:  Enter any additional information about the problem.
    7. Stony Brook ID:  Will be pre-populated from when you logged in.
    8. Name:  Will be pre-populated from when you logged in.
    9. Contact Email:  Will be pre-populated from when you logged in.
    10. Contact Phone:  Enter your phone number.
  8. Click   Submit  to submit the Work Request.
  9. You will receive a message that your Work Request was submitted.
  10. You can then either   Create another work request  or   Return to view work request  (this will return you to the FIXIT list view screen.)


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