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NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

NSF GRFP Awardees Funding for 3 years of graduate study in research-based master’s and doctoral programs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and STEM education.

Campus Nomination Deadline:
A campus nomination is not required, but prospective applicants are encouraged to contact External Scholarships and Fellowships Advising about SBU's NSF GRFP Advising Bootcamp, an applicant mentoring program that begins in late summer of each year.


  • Graduating seniors (accepted to grad school by May 1 of award year) or first and second year graduate students

  • Current grad students may apply only once, during first or second year

  • Graduate applicants who have experienced a career break may be eligible (see solicitation)

  • Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and STEM education

  • U.S. citizen, national, or permanent resident


See  program solicitation  for additional eligibility requirements.

NSF GRFP Advising Bootcamp

Interested in joining the 2019 NSF GRFP Advising Bootcamp? Contact Jen Green at

Late July: SUNY-wide GRFP webinar series

Mid-August: Virtual office hours

Late August to early September: In-person workshops on topics such as science communication

Early September to mid-October: Writing and revision via one-on-one appointments with our GRFP mentors, essay review workshops

Late October: Submission deadlines by field

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