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International Travel 
How to Review your International Travel for Export Compliance

For a definition of Item and information as used in this document, please refer to Appendix 1: Terms as Used in the Guidance/Procedures Documents.

Step #1: Cuba,  Iran, Russia or Ukraine? 

Will you be traveling to Cuba, Iran, Russia or Ukraine?

• No, go to Step #2

• Yes, prior approval is required.

The following information must be provided via email to the Export Compliance Officer: Destination country, travel dates, names of person(s) traveling and relationship to the university (faculty, staff, graduate student, etc.), nature and description of visit, proposed itinerary (if available) and name of person(s) and/or entities you will visit, payment source for the travel, and if you intend to bring any items or information with you.  Travel to Cuba and Iran, regardless of funding source, for University related business requires approval by the Export Control Officer before making travel plans.

Step #2: Restricted Parties Screening (RPS)

Conduct a RPS for any parties that you will visit. As a result of the RPS, are any of the parties on a U.S. export restriction or denial list?

• Yes, STOP - contact the University Export Compliance Officer.

• No, continue to Step #3.

The parties include, but are not limited to, individuals that you meet with and their affiliated organizations.

Step #3: Travel on Research Foundation (RF) Funds all Travelers

Will you be traveling on Research Foundation Funds?

• Yes, complete Concur.

• No, continue to Step #4

Step #4: Student Travel on Other than RF Funds

Are you a student traveling under University sponsorship?

• Yes, complete the International Travel E-Form and include any items and/or information that you will be taking with you. The Export Compliance Officer will complete a final review.

• No, continue to Step #5

Step #5: North Korea  and Syria

Will you be traveling to North Korea or Syria with any items or information?

• Yes, STOP – contact the University Export Compliance Officer

• No, continue to Step #6

An export license is required to bring most items to these countries.

Step #6: Research Foundation, Stony Brook University, or Stony Brook Foundation (collectively University) owned items or information

Will you be taking any University owned items or information?

• Yes, continue to Step #7

• No, review is complete.

Step #7: Tools of the Trade.

Do all of the University item(s) you intend to bring qualify as Tools of the Trade? If you need assistance, contact the Export Compliance Officer. 

• Yes, review is complete.

• No, continue to Step #8

Step #8: Items other than Tools of the Trade

Choose one of the following review options:

1. University Assessment

Request that the Export Compliance Officer perform the review of the item(s) and/or information you intend to take with you. The following information must be provided via email at least five days prior to the date that you anticipate taking the item out of the U.S. to the Export Compliance Officer: • Description of the item – including name, model number, and manufacturer • Destination country • Anticipated dates that the item will be outside the U.S. • Name of person and organization that will retain physical control of the item, if other than yourself. If you suspect the item or information may be export controlled or require a license, please contact the Export Compliance Officer as early as possible.


2. Self-Assessment

Traveler performs the review of the items and/or information they intend to take with them using the Other than Tools of the Trade Self-Assessment Review Procedure

Export licenses may take anywhere from weeks to months depending upon the item, the destination and the federal agency.

How Can I Contact SBU's Export Compliance Officer?