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Lateness and Absence

Excessive use of accruals, frequent lateness and inappropriate use of accruals leads to an employee having poor attendance and leave record.


Failure of an employee to be present at the worksite and actively performing the necessary work duties upon a work shift.

Unauthorized Absence

Failure of an employee to appear for a regularly scheduled work assignment or to notify a supervisor/designee of the employee's inability to work (i.e. no call/no show, late call-in) within the established time frames.

Unscheduled Absence

An absence not requested and approved in advance, even if such absence is subsequently approved or authorized and charged to leave credits.

Patterns and effects to look for:

  • Frequent/Regular use of accruals.
  • Sick leave used as it is earned.
  • Needs a "day off" especially after difficult workdays.
  • Absences the day before or after the weekends, pass days or holidays.
  • Other person repeatedly calls in the unscheduled absence.
  • Influenced by others to be absent.
  • Employee repeatedly has "bad luck."
  • Unable to plan personal life around work responsibilities.
  • Gets up late for work.
  • Transportation problems.
  • Alcohol and/or drug addiction.
  • Other (outside) employment responsibilities which contribute to absenteeism.
  • Absences negatively impacting other employees, (mandatory overtime / increased workload).

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