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Disciplinary Action

Discipline is the use of a penalty to induce the desired improvement in performance or conduct.

Discipline focuses on a specific job-related behavior or conduct. Discipline may occur after counseling has proved ineffective or if the conduct warrants immediate discipline.

Disciplinary action regarding a state employee is initiated by a referral, generally from the supervisor to the Labor Relations department. Information needed to open a disciplinary investigation is identified in the "Request for Disciplinary Action" form.

For matters concerning Research Foundation Employees, contact the Employee and Labor Relations department for guidance.

In investigating a potential disciplinary matter, Labor Relations interviews witnesses, reviews applicable policies and procedures and will question the employee who may be the subject of discipline. State employees have the right to have representation by their union or private counsel during all stages of the disciplinary process.

Process for Disciplinary Action

Discipline Diagram

Request for Disciplinary Action Form

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