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The Vision of the Division of Undergraduate Education is a University in which undergraduate education matters and all undergraduate students have an exceptional life-changing academic experience that prepares them well for the next stage of their lives.


The Mission of the Division of Undergraduate Education is, while keeping the student at the center of every decision, to create an environment in which they can be successful, graduate in four years or an appropriate time frame and have their voices heard, as it relates to academics.
  • Continuously engage in a quality review process to determine what practices are positively contributing to student success, which are not and take appropriate action.
  • Establish the Academic Success Team as the locus for all matters pertaining to academic success.
  • Utilize data and predictive analytics from the Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness and Navigate to design focused and targeted interventions.
  • Engage students through ‘high touch and high tech’ interventions to ensure they are successful from onboarding through being on track for timely completion.
  • Work with the University to ensure that sufficient seats and academic services are available to enable students to consistently make progress.
  • Responsibly utilize the resources, fiscal and human, that are entrusted to us to further this Vision and Mission.
  • This will be accomplished while ensuring the highest levels of transparency, honesty, and integrity in everything we do.

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