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The information included on this page applies to all students in the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Journalism, and School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.  All others should contact their appropriate  academic advisor.


Petition deadline for students who are suspended and are eligible to petition for Spring 2020 reinstatement . January 10, 2020 - 4PM EST
Appeal deadline for students whose petition for reinstatement is denied.  January 16, 2020 - 4PM EST
 Deadline for final appeal to Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.  Not eligible to appeal for spring.
Some students who are suspended in the current term may be eligible to apply for immediate reinstatement, pending the grades earned in that term. Students who were suspended in prior terms are eligible to apply for conditional reinstatement for the fall semester only, with a deadline of  June 12, 2020.
Academic Standing

Our Goal is to support your academic success as a Stony Brook undergraduate, such that you will earn a strong grade point average and complete your general education and major/minor degree requirements in a timely manner. 

What is Good Academic Standing?

The University expects students to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 to remain in good academic standing. For purposes of enrollment certification and participation in athletic and other co-curricular activities, students who are registered at Stony Brook and whose academic standing is good, first semester warning, warning, probation, or conditional reinstatement are considered to be in good standing.

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Academic standing is reviewed at the end of each fall and spring semester, and includes cumulative fall, winter, spring, and summer coursework taken at Stony Brook. Students placed on an academic standing level other than good will receive communication from the University at the end of each fall and spring semester. Students also receive an academic advising hold on SOLAR and are unable to make schedule changes until they contact an academic advisor.

Students can review their academic standing at the end of their unofficial transcript available on the SOLAR system. Only remarks of suspension, conditional reinstatement, and dismissal appear on students' official Stony Brook transcripts.

Students on first semester warning, warning, and probation are limited to 16 credits each fall and spring semester. Students on conditional reinstatement may enroll in an approved number of credits each fall and spring semester based upon their conditional reinstatement agreement, typically between 12-15 credits each term.

Students who withdraw from the University and whose cumulative GPA is less than 2.0 are required to wait for at least one fall or spring semester before they are permitted to re-enroll. Learn more by visiting the  Leave of Absence and Returning to the University section of the Bulletin.


Making Progress

The University expects students to earn at least 18 credits in two consecutive semesters (credit requirement waived for part-time students enrolled in less than 12 credits) to ensure timely degree progress. Summer and fall credits are considered one semester; winter and spring credits are considered one semester. Students who do not meet this expectation will receive communication from the University to speak with an academic advisor.

Helpful Tips

Students who are on first semester warning, warning, or probation should be in regular contact with their academic advisor for guidance and support.

Students who are on conditional reinstatement are assigned a specific academic advisor and must meet particular requirements in order to continue at the University each semester. Requirements typically include a 2.5 minimum semester grade point average and successful completion of all coursework during each semester on reinstatement. Students approved for conditional reinstatement are carefully monitored and are considered to be in good academic standing upon earning a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

Students who are either suspended or dismissed from the University should review the following information:

College Options & Advice for Suspended and Dismissed Students

  Levels & Actions