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Information & Advice for Dismissed Students

I’ve been dismissed. What does that mean?

If you have been dismissed from Stony Brook University, it means you will have to look for other options to complete your undergraduate degree. Depending on your circumstances, some students may decide to transfer to a community college, finish an Associate's degree, and then try and transfer to another four-year college or university.  Others take time off to work and reassess their educational goals.  

Can I request to return to Stony Brook University?

Dismissed students can request conditional reinstatement from dismissal after 5 years, when they may be eligible to request Academic Renewal.  Click here to read about the Academic Renewal policy (scroll down to the last paragraph).  Dismissed students are not eligible to request reinstatement before 5 years have passed.  Click here to read about how to submit an appeal to request reinstatement from dismissal.