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Recent Stony Brook Research Headlines

June 3, 2022—SBU Study Shows Kelp Can Reduce Ocean Acidification and Protect Bivalves

May 20, 2022—Facebook Posts Can Identify Those at Risk for Hazardous Drinking

May 18, 2022—U.S. Must Expand Marine Protection to Meet Ocean Conservation Goals

April 26, 2022—Research Predicts Massive Increase in Drought-Induced Migration

April 20, 2022—Study Shows Gender Disparities in Medical Publishing

April 15, 2022—Study Offers New Approach to Combating Drug Resistance

April 12, 2022—Study Shows Human-Induced Climate Change Is Affecting Hurricane Severity

April 6, 2022—Research Provides Novel Platform for ‘Second Quantum Revolution'

March 30, 2022—Research Sheds Light on the Mystery of Consciousness After Brain Injury

March 24, 2022—Researchers Create Nanoparticles to Address Environmental Problems

March 9, 2022—A New Approach to Predict Stable Species in Liquids Can Guide the Design of Optimal Solution Performance

March 1, 2022—Tracking Lithium Provides Clues to Better Batteries

March 1, 2022—New Analysis of Ancient Africans Creates Clearer Picture of Life 50,000 Years Ago

February 25, 2022—MAIT Cells Could Be the Key to Future Immunotherapy and Vaccine Development

February 18, 2022—Study Finds Patient Outcomes Similar for Two CABG Procedures

February 14, 2022—Exploring Vaccine Supply and Demand — and Empathy

February 11, 2022—SBU, Harvard Lead Research Team That Solves Longstanding Problem in Catalysis Science

February 10, 2022—Discovery Challenges the Precise Time Humans Arrived in Europe

February 9, 2022—New Research Could Pave the Way to Better Treatments for Crohn’s Disease

January 6, 2022—Study Shows Disinfecting N95 Masks with Dry Heat Works

December 28, 2021—Using AI to Detect Fractures on X-Rays Leads to Improved Diagnosis

December 10, 2021—Online Interventions Help with Teen Depression

November 30, 2021—Study Suggests New Strategy to Detect Social Bots

November 15, 2021—New Technology from SoMAS Lab Could Apply to Many Fields

November 4, 2021—Professor Daniel Knopf Tries to Predict How Ice Forms in Clouds

November 2, 2021—SBU Researchers Discover Possible New Approach for Developing Antifungal Drugs

October 27, 2021—To Mask or Not to Mask? Study Provides Mechanism to Test Materials

October 26, 2021—Synchrotron X-ray Techniques Could Lead to Manufacturing Better Steel

October 20, 2021—Global Standards Created for the Ethics of Ancient DNA Research

October 20, 2021—SBU Study Shows Motor Cortex Could Have Larger Role in Parkinson’s Disease

September 28, 2021—Study Shows Climate Change Could Be Altering the Marine Food Web

September 22, 2021—Research Could Offer New Approach to Treating Infections

September 9, 2021—Team Develops Plan to Protect 30 Percent of Ocean by 2030

August 24, 2021—Researchers Identify Molecular Mechanism for COVID-19 Mortality

August 13, 2021—CCWT’s NSF-Supported Research Will Improve Drinking Water Quality & Environmental Health

August 6, 2021—SoMAS Researchers Use New Method to Predict Precipitation Changes

July 28, 2021—SBU Professor Helps Establish New Global Conservation Standards

July 1, 2021—Exploring the Electrochemistry of Water-Based Batteries

June 29, 2021—Forbes Spotlights Cancer Drug Research of Stony Brook Grads

May 24, 2021—Carol Carter’s Discovery 20 Years Ago Changed the Future of Antiviral Drugs

May 18, 2021—Discovery May Prevent Dangerous Side Effect of Certain Medicines


Eszter Boros wins the $200K
Stony Brook Discovery Prize

April 23, 2019


Quantum Computing LabIs Building a Better Internet

April 23, 2019

Eden Figueroa, 2014 Discovery Prize finalist

April 19, 2021—Chemistry Professor Peter Khalifah and Grad Students Test Lithium-Metal Batteries

April 15, 2021—Former SBU Professor Collaborated on Biotech Tools Used to Produce COVID Vaccines

April 6, 2021—Should We Use Technology to Slow Global Warming?

April 6, 2021—40,000 Children Have Lost a Parent Due to COVID Pandemic

March 26, 2021—Unmasking Pandemic Partisanship

March 23, 2021—Doctoral Student Working to Restore Shellfish Population

March 23, 2021—SBU’s Pavlos Kollias Part of BNL Team Studying ‘Secondary’ Ice

March 11, 2021—Study Could Lead to Enhanced Therapies for Pancreatic Cancer

March 10, 2021—Study on Caribbean Mammal Extinctions Helps Guide Conservation Strategies

March 8, 2021—Study Shows Mars’ Early Climate Was Intermittently Warm

March 3, 2021—Medical March Madness is Here: Vote for SBU Today

March 1, 2021—Study Identifies Important Cause of Congenital Heart Disease

February 26, 2021—Identifying Toxic Chemicals and Keeping Our Groundwater Safe

February 25, 2021—Grad Student Co-Authors Paper on Optimizing Solar Fuel Production

January 18, 2021—SBU’s Qiang Li Collaborated on Discovery That Can Advance Quantum Computing

December 18, 2020—Telehealth Visits Can Help Surgical Practice

December 16, 2020—Massive Oil Spill Looms in Red Sea

December 14, 2020—Research Could Offer Novel Way to Restore Lung Function to COVID-19 Patients

December 9, 2020—Research Sheds Light on Origins of Ancient Pterosaurs

December 8, 2020—News Article Highlights Laufer Center COVID-19 Research

December 3, 2020—“Wear a Mask, Any Mask,” Advises Interim Provost Fotis Sotiropoulos

November 25, 2020—Prehistoric Bird Fossil Offers Clues to Evolution

November 10, 2020—Scientists Probe How the Brain Creates Taste Aversion

November 9, 2020—New ‘Genomic’ Method Reveals Atomic Arrangements of Battery Material

November 9, 2020—Undergraduate Researcher Natalie Lo Takes on Cancer Biology

October 16, 2020—Students Collaborate on Study of Earthworms and Herbicides

October 9, 2020—Fructose May Worsen Inflammatory Bowel Disease

September 4, 2020—Low-Carb Diet Could Boost Brain Health, Study Finds

September 3, 2020—Lactose Tolerance Happened Quickly in Europe, Study Shows

August 31, 2020—Brain Imaging May Help Predict Obesity and Self-Control Issues

August 25, 2020—New Understanding of a Protein Complex May Lead to Better Disease Research

August 21, 2020—Study Shows Huge Benefits of Transitioning Away from Coal in China

August 17, 2020—Research Leads to New Material for Energy-Efficient Devices

August 12, 2020—Using Violin Synchronization to Learn About Better Networking

July 22, 2020—Genetic Analysis Unlocks Secrets of Bat “Superpowers”

June 16, 2020—Scientists Predict More Rain, Fewer Landfalling Hurricanes

June 9, 2020—Stony Brook Researchers Explore Moiré Patterns Beyond 2D Materials

May 11, 2020—Biochemistry Alum Educates Public on Medical Benefits of Cannabinoids

April 29, 2020—Stony Brook Scientists Unearth Bizarre Ancient Mammal

April 23, 2020—Researchers: Dissolved Oxygen and pH Policy Leave Fisheries at Risk

April 23, 2020—Study of Bird and Dinosaur Brains Illuminates Evolution

April 22, 2020—T2K Findings Mark Major Advance in Study of Matter and Antimatter Imbalance

April 7, 2020—SBU Researchers Collaborate on Genetic Tool Development in Marine Protists

March 18, 2020—Scientists Visualize Structure of Key Enzyme That Makes Triglycerides

March 13, 2020—Facebook Offers Clues to Medical Distress, Research Shows

March 5, 2020—Physics Professor Jennifer Cano Receives 2019 NSF CAREER Award

February 18, 2020—Early Intervention May Not Slow Progression of Schizophrenia, Study Finds

February 5, 2020—New Findings Could Lead to More Efficient Batteries

February 4, 2020—Anesthesia Choice Could Impact Breast Cancer Metastasis

January 29, 2020Stony Brook-Led Team Awarded $4.2 Million Grant to Fight Prostate Cancer

January 24, 2020—Study Examines Efficiency of Medicine Removal from Wastewater Treatment Plants

January 3, 2020Learning about Wealth Inequality from Hermit Crabs

January 2, 2020Study Uses New Forecasting Tools to Show How Climate Change Affected Hurricane Florence

November 25, 2019—Evolution Can Repair Genes to Regain Lost Function

November 20, 2019—Scientists Turn Up the Heat to Create New Nanostructured Metals

November 4, 2019—Tethered Chem Combos Could Revolutionize Artificial Photosynthesis

October 25, 2019—Pioneering Study Maps Ocean Areas in Need of Preservation

October 23, 2019—Breaking Waves Propel Ancient Molecules Into the Air

October 22, 2019—Machine-Learning Analysis Could Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

October 16, 2019—Study Sheds Light on Age-Related Neurodegenerative Disease

September 25, 2019—Game Theory Predicts Serious Obstacles to Climate Agreement

September 19, 2019—Vampire Bat Study Probes Mystery of Smell

September 16, 2019—Multiple Agents of Tick-Borne Diseases Found on Long Island

September 12, 2019—Scientists Detect Black Hole Ringing “Like a Bell”

September 9, 2019—Study Links 9/11 Responders to Cognitive Impairment

September 6, 2019—Study Shows Breeding Has Altered Dogs’ Brains

August 29, 2019—Discovery by Nanomaterials Scientists Could Enable Ultra-Tiny Electronics

July 31, 2019—Hummingbird Study Shows How Genetic Changes Could Be Predicted

July 9, 2019—Fossil Discoveries Illuminate Ancient Saharan Seaway

July 8, 2019—Nanowire Research Could Advance Harvesting of Solar Energy

June 24, 2019—Research Suggests New Ways of Overcoming Resistance to Chemotherapy Drugs

June 20, 2019—Opioid Poisoning Rates Higher and in a More Diverse Population, Study Shows

June 19, 2019—Facebook Posts Can Predict Illnesses, Including Diabetes, Hypertension and Depression

June 12, 2019—New Research Could Boost Efficiency of Solar Cells

May 30, 2019—DNA Study Sheds New Light on Ancient Africa

May 29, 2019—Higher Education Linked to Later Onset of Alzheimer's

May 6, 2019—Small Dinosaur is a Big Piece in the Puzzle of Tyranosaur Evolution 


Il Memming Park Wins $200K
Stony Brook Discovery Prize

April 23, 2019

April 22, 2019—Vaping Teens May Not Know How Much Nicotine They Consume

April 15, 2019—Researchers Model the Neural Basis of Expectation 

April 9, 2019—'Electron Shuttle' Protein Offers New Strategy for Tailoring Plant Products

March 28, 2019—Research Points Toward New Treatments for Dangerous Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

March 28, 2019—Illuminating Water Filtration

March 15, 2019—BNL Experiment Sheds Light on Proton Spin Puzzle

March 5, 2019—PTSD in 9/11 Responders Linked to Dementia

March 5, 2019—Children's Communications are a Key to Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism

February 8, 2019—Autism May Not Be a Spectrum, Study Suggests

February 4, 2019—History of Universe Could Be Upended by New Findings

January 3, 2019—New Study Groups Protein Kinases as Cancer Drug Targets

December 14, 2018SBU Study Shows Multidisciplinary Care Leads to Higher Survival Rates for Lung Cancer Patients

December 14, 2018SBU Physicists Among BNL Research Group Studying the Perfect Fluid

December 7, 2018—Low Oxygen and pH Levels in Estuaries Causing More Death to Larval Blue Crabs

November 30, 2018—Study Reveals Peace in Colombia Has an Unexpected Result – Deforestation

November 26, 2018—Discovery Opens the Possibility of Using Sunlight to Turn a Greenhouse Gas into Fuel

November 19, 2018—Study Reveals More Water in the Earth’s Interior Than Expected

November 19, 2018—When NBA Players Tweet Late at Night, They Play Worse Basketball

November 5, 2018—Study Reveals Pregnancy-Associated Deaths Involving Opioids More Than Doubled

November 5, 2018—Anthropologists Publish on Tiniest Ever Fossil Ape Species Described

October 22, 2018—Synthetic “Gene Thermometers” Show How Cells Endure Heat or Cold

October 19, 2018—Linguistic Red Flags from Facebook Posts Can Predict Future Depression Diagnoses

October 17, 2018—Studies Reveal Powerful Links Between Economic Development, Technology and Geopolitical Cooperation to Reduce Climate Change

October 3, 2018—Targeting Pili Could be a Key to Halting Antibiotic Resistance

October 2, 2018—Study Reveals Racial Discrimination in Healthcare Leads to Patient Avoidance

September 26, 2018—Using Integrated Models to Assess NYC Flood Risks From Extreme Storms

September 21, 2018—Bat Genome Research May Reveal Clues to Longevity

September 12, 2018—Human Activity In Madagascar Dates Back 6,000 Years Earlier Than Thought, According To Study Led By Stony Brook University Researcher Pat Wright

September 12, 2018Lung Cancer Survivor Rates Hi kgher Using Multidisciplinary Care Model

September 12, 2018DNA Analysis and Artifact Finds Provide Lens into Barbarian Past

August 24, 2018Generating Energy from Sandy Rivers: An Untapped Renewable Resource Ready for Prime Time?

August 15, 2018Removing the Most Common p53 Mutation in Colorectal Cancer Halts Disease Progression

August 14, 2018Study of Ancient Forefoot Joints Reveals Bipedalism in Hominins Emerged Early

July 26, 2018Scientists Develop Novel Approach to Spontaneous Emission Using Atomic Matter Waves

July 23, 2018Study Shows Threatened Sharks Still Common in Fin Trade

July 19, 2018Scientists Explore New Experimental Model Systems to Advance Biology

July 2, 2018Adding an Inert Polymer to Plastic Solar Cells Enables High Efficiency and Easy Production

June 21, 2018Fossils Reveal Ancient Primates Had Claws, and Nails Too

June 14, 2018New Technique That Shows How a Protein "Light Switch" Works May Enhance Biological Research

June 14, 2018EDNA Analysis: A Key to Uncovering Rare Marine Species

May 24, 2018Reservation for Two (Species): Fisherman and Dolphins are Grabbing a Bite at the Same NY Artifical Reef

May 4, 2018—Breathing Lunar Dust Could Pose Health Risk to Future Astronauts

April 19, 2018— New Imaging Method Identifies How Normal and Cancer Cells Move and Adapt

April 5, 2018New Rapid-Fire Method Using Pathology Images, Tumor Data May Help Guide Cancer Therapies

March 30, 2018—New Non-Invasive Test for Urothelial Cancer Emerging

March 13, 2018— Medieval Barbarians Likely Imported Brides With Elongated Heads From Southeastern Europe

March 8,  2018—Seeking Truth in Science: Meta-Analysis as a Key

March 2, 2018—“Supercolony” of Adélie Penguins Discovered in Antarctica

February 6, 2018—New Drug Target Emerges for a Dangerous Fungal Pathogen

January 31, 2018—Fossil Evidence Shows Bats Colonized from Islands to Continents

January 26, 2018—Mammals Moving Less in Human Landscapes May Upset Ecosystems

January 17, 2018—A Survival Lesson from Bats - Eating Variety Keeps Species Multiplying

December 29, 2017—Top 10 Moments of 2017 at Stony Brook University

December 14, 2017—Wealth Inequality Increased in Ancient Times with Animal Domestication

December 12, 2017—Study Reveals Skin Pigmentation Heredity is Not Straight Forward

November 13, 2017—Investment Portfolio Theory Helps Scientists Predict Animal Population Growth, Disease Spread

November 6, 2017—Caribbean Islands Reveal a "Lost World" of Ancient Mammals

June 21, 2017—New Measures of Aging May Show 70 is the New 60

June 5, 2017“Bad Metal” Offers Clues to High-Temperature Superconductivity

June 2, 2017An Ancient Lake on Mars Was Able to Harbor a Variety of Lifeforms, Says SBU-Led Study

June 1, 2017SBU Research Leads the Way on Climate Change

May 12, 2017Study Reveals Prevalence of Women With Heart Disease Delivering Babies is Increasing

May 4, 2017Business Incubator at Calverton Names New Associate Director

April 27, 2017—Professor Long Lu Earns NSF CAREER Award to Develop Solutions in Mobile Security

April 26, 2017—Global Warming Making Oceans More Toxic

April 20, 2017—Two Physicians Recognized for Novel Work in Cancer, Antifungal Research Named to AAP

April 19, 2017—US Veterans With Heart Disease and Depression Face Difficulties Affording Healthcare


Thomas Allison's "Molecular Movies"
Concept Takes Home Stony Brook's
$200K Discovery Prize

April 13, 2017

April 4, 2017Modeling Protein Interactions Critical to Understanding Disease Now Simplified With Computer Server

March 24, 2017Research Suggests a Possible Role for a Storm of "Jumping Genes" in ALS

March 23, 2017A New Approach to Diagnosing Mental Disorders Could Become an Alternative to DSM-5

March 15, 2017First in NY: Stony Brook's New 100 Gigabit Per Second Connection Enables Better Research Through Faster Data Transfer

March 10, 2017Study Reveals the English Languaged Organized Itself

March 9, 2017Discovery of a new Metabolic Pathway of a Known Lipid has Implications in Cancer, Obesity

February 7, 2017Stony Brook Mathematics Professor Receives International Recognition

January 23, 2017Internationally Renowned Physicist Appointed As Chen Ning Yang - Wei Deng Endowed Chair in Physics and Astronomy

January 13, 2017Research Shows that Cell Division and Invasion are Separate Actions in Cancer Process

January 9, 2017Caribbean Bats Need 8 Million Years to Recover from Recent Extinction Waves

December 29, 2016Stony Brook University's Top Stories in 2016

December 21, 2016NSF Grant Bolsters Geosciences Education Support for Underrepresented Students

December 8, 2016Bahl Center Will Transform Approach to Precision Cancer Medicine

December 6, 2016Study Reveals More Individuals May Have "Masked" Hypertension Than Thought

November 30, 2016Licensing Agreement with Codagenix Advances Next Generation Viral Vaccines

November 21, 2016Unique Structure of Brain Blood Vessel Amyloid Latest Clue to Alzheimer's Development?

November 16, 2016INCITE Award to Advance Modeling Astrophysical Explosions via Supercomputing

October 25, 2016Citizen Scientists Can Now Lend a Hand in Penguin Conservation

October 21, 2016Two Physics Faculty Members Elected APS Fellows for Pioneering Research

October 11, 2016Robert Harrison Named Chief Architect of DOE National Project to Bolster High-Performance Computing for Energy Applications

October 5, 2016Energy-Saving Superconductor to be Developed at Stony Brook Advanced Energy Center

September 30, 2016—New Research Reveals an Ancient Reptile Had Bizarre Forelimb Evolution

September 29, 2016—Contrary to Popular Belief — Coca Not the Driving Force of Deforestation, Report Reveals

September 16, 2016—New Discovery by Researchers May Lead to Better Understanding and Treatment for a Common Autoinflammatory Disease

September 14, 2016—Finding Shows Muscular Dystrophy-Causing Receptor Has Broader Role in Brain Development

August 31, 2016—Scientific Evidence Reveals That the Brain Perceives Taste With All Senses

August 29, 2016—Could PTSD Trigger Early Cognitive Impairment in some WTC Responders?

July 12, 2016—New Method to Model Protein Interactions May Help Accelerate Drug Development

July 6, 2016—Diamond Beams Could Revolutionize Radiation Treatment for Cancer

June 27, 2016—New Promise Against Deadly Global Fungal Infections

June 23, 2016—Getting to the Heart of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

June 21, 2016—Stony Brook's Clean Water Technology Center Proposes Replacement for LI Cesspools That Removes Nitrogen & Other Contaminants

June 14, 2016—MRI Research Could Help Withdrawn Children

June 13, 2016—Activity of a new Synthetic Compound May Be Key to Cleaner Nuclear Energy

June 2, 2016—Could Controlling the p73 Gene Be Key to Treating Chronic Lung Disease?

May 26, 2016—'Wonderful' and 'Thankful' Versus 'Battle' and 'Enemy' -- Do Women and Men Communicate Differently?

May 6, 2016—Manipulation of Specific Neurons Helps to Erase Bad Memories, Enhance Good Ones

May 2, 2016—Titanium Dioxide Exposure Increases Risk of Bacterial Infection

March 29, 2016—New Method to Identify Nanoparticles in Tissue May Shed Light on Their Health Impact

March 24, 2016—CAREER Award Enables Computer Scientist to Expand Research on Game Theory

March 15, 2016—Study Shows Sharkskin Increases Drag by 50 Percent

March 14, 2016—Professor Researching Next Generation of High-Strength Metals Receives NSF CAREER Award

February 26, 2016—Scientists Discover New Four-Flavor Particle

February 23, 2016—Study Reveals Dodo Birds Not Stupid, As Previously Thought

February 12, 2016—Using Glass to Improve Graphene's Powerful Conductivity

February 10, 2016—Mechanism That Unwinds DNA May Function Similar to an Oil Rig "Pump Jack"

February 4, 2016—Study Reveals Proteins Most Associated with Aging

February 1, 2016—Novel Microscopy Helps Stony Brook Researchers Examine Ocean Like Never Before

January 20, 2016—Alzheimer's Diagnosis Complicated by History of Reading Problems

January 19, 2016Stony Brook Researchers Discover Ice-Like Phonons in Liquid Water

December 31, 2015Heart Attack Patients with History of Bypass Surgery Prone to Delayed Treatment

December 16, 2015Study Reveals Environment, Behavior Contribute to Some 80 Percent of Cancers

December 10, 2015Stress-Induced Loss of NG2 Glial Cells in the Brain Causes Depression

December 3, 2015Four Stony Brook University Professors Elected AAAS 2015 Fellows

November 30, 2015Vaccination Rates Among Children Living in Poverty Improve with Home Intervention and Education

November 23, 2015Will Troubleshooting a Quantum Systems-Based Computer Be Easy for a Technician?

November 19, 2015Microbiome Technology Developed at Stony Brook May Help Combat Certain Infections

November 17, 2015Stony Brook Researchers Confirms Information is Contagious Among Social Connections

October 27, 2015—Group Living: For Baboons Intermediate Size is Optimal

October 26, 2015—Study Suggests Targeting Invasive Cells Not Dividing Cells to Halt Cancer

October 19, 2015—Researchers Find Way to Control Heart Waves With Light

October 6, 2015—Chimpanzees Shed Light on Origins of Human Walking

October 1, 2015—The Paper Ceiling - Women Underrepresented in Media Coverage

September 9, 2015—Sea Spray Aerosols May Affect Ice Cloud Formation and Global Climate

September 1, 2015—Research Team Creates Model to Predict Cellular Evolution

September 1, 2015—Study Shows K17 Protein Promotes Cancer

August 13, 2015—Astronomers Discover ‘Young Jupiter’ Exoplanet

August 12, 2015—Clinical Performance Measures for Healthcare Target Underuse of Care Yet Fail to Adequately Measure Overuse

August 4, 2015—Could Body Posture During Sleep Affect How Your Brain Clears Waste?

June 23, 2015—Evolutionary Feeding Advantages of “Warm Fish” Now Affected by Human Impacts

June 22, 2015—Astronomers Discover 854 Ultra-Dark Galaxies in the Famous Coma Cluster

June 16, 2015—Climate and Ecosystem Instability Delayed Dinosaur Success

June 5, 2015—Beam It Up Densely: Transporting Quantum Information Without Moving Matter

June 1, 2015—Critically Endangered Ocean Giant is Reproducing Without Sex in the Wild

May 28, 2015—Study Suggests that Dinosaurs were Warm-Blooded

May 26, 2015—Removing Mutant p53 Significantly Regresses Tumors, Improves Cancer Survival

May 20, 2015—Stony Brook Archaeologists Find the Earliest Evidence of Stone Tool Making in Cradle of Humankind

April 21, 2015—New Mathematical Model to Predict Pharmacodynamic Activity May Improve Drug Discovery

April 20, 2015—60 = 50: New Study Reveals Increases in Life Expectancy Reflect Slower Population Aging

March 17, 2015—Scientists Find Tropical Cyclone Size Controlled By Relative Sea-Surface Temperatures

March 5, 2015—Rapid Changes in Lovejoy Comet’s Tail Observed

February 25, 2015—New Technology Tracks Cell Lineage To Watch Evolution at Work

February 11, 2015—Research Team Finds How CBD, a Component in Marijuana, Works Within Cells

February 9, 2015—Study Reveals Industrial Aerosol Emissions Has Changed the Relationship Between Temperature and Precipitation in the Northern Tropics

February 2, 2015—Study Finds Transgender Children Are Clear About Their Identity

January 23, 2015—Research Team Uses Nanostructure Surface Textures to Improve Solar Cells

January 20, 2015—Researchers Discover How Brain Recognizes Danger

January 8, 2015—Mapping of Silver Matrix Formation in Batteries Will Enhance Efficiency


Inaugural $200,000
Discovery Prize Awarded
to Laurie Krug

December 11, 2014

November 20, 2014—Stony Brook Scientists Unveil First Structure Measurements of Molten Uranium Dioxide

November 14, 2014—Could Depression Actually Be a Form of Infectious Disease?

November 6, 2014—News Coverage of "Vintana" Discovery Goes Global 

November 5, 2014—Newly Discovered Fossil is a Clue to Early Mammalian Evolution

November 4, 2014—Stony Brook Announces Four Finalists for Inaugural Discovery Prize

October 31, 2014—People Change Their Moral Values to Benefit Themselves Over Others

October 21, 2014—Stony Brook Scientists Disprove Theory That Reconstructed Boron Surface is Metallic

October 15, 2014—Scientists Map Key Moment in Assembly of DNA-Splitting Molecular Machine

September 29, 2014—Do We Have Time to Save Species from Climate Change?

September 24, 2014—Stony Brook Researchers Quantify Underlying Landscape of Cancer

September 16, 2014—Elusive Quantum Transformations Found Near Absolute Zero

September 15, 2014—Stony Brook Researchers Develop New Method to Measure Cerebral Blood Flow

September 3, 2014—Drug Therapies and Parent Training Help Children with ADHD and Severe Aggression

January 8, 2014—Ocean Dead Zones More Deadly for Marine Life than Previously Predicted

May 7, 2014—Researcher Develops New Tool to Measure Speed of Aging

May 5, 2014—Researchers Tackle Life-Saving Issues for End-Stage Heart Failure Patients

August 7, 2013—DNA Sequence Analysis Links A Human Carcinogen to a Specific Mutation

July 31, 2013—Study Shows Bird Brains Came Before Birds

July 31, 2013—Planting a New Perspective on Climate Research

July 10, 2013—One More Homo Species?

April 16, 2013—“Survival of the Fittest” Now Applies to Computers

March 29, 2013—SBU Led Research Finds That Most Fame Isn't Fleeting  

February 7, 2013—Placental Mammal Diversity Exploded After Age of Dinosaurs