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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual workshop - what does it mean?

The workshop will be held online using video conferencing tool Zoom. You can eather use a browser version, or download the software on your computer. It is completely free.

Do I need to have a computer for the workshop?

Yes, you will need a computer or laptop with a web camera and microphone. 

How long does the cybersecurity curriculum module created by teachers during the workshop  need to be?

Each workshop participant will be able to tailor their curriculum to be as long or as short as needed for their students and school setting. We anticipate that during the workshop, most teachers will be able to readily create a lesson plan with supporting materials for a module that lasts a week, but a shorter module can be created. 

Teachers may be able to create a longer module by incorporating additional curricular content that will be made available during the workshop, although fully developing the longer module may require additional time outside the workshop. 

If you are interested in creating a longer module, or additional modules, please contact the CyberMiSTS team. We have additional materials and expertise in creating cybersecurity curriculum. 

Does the cybersecurity curriculum created by teachers need to be for a specific grade level or concept?

No. Participants will create curriculum customized to the age and general cybersecurity expertise of their students.  We anticipate, however, that most students will have limited exposure to cybersecurity curriculum and related careers, so the curriculum will typically be of an introductory nature.

Will teachers be able to create cybersecurity curriculum appropriate for High School students?

Preference in selecting workshop participants will be given to middle school CTE teachers, however, if a participant will be teaching at the high school level, there is no barrier to creating curriculum relevant to high school students.

The Permission form has a “name of person obtaining consent” field - does this has to be notarized?

No, that field is for administrative use only. Leave that space empty; it will be completed by CyberMiSTS team upon receipt of your documents.

Can pre-service teachers participate in the workshop?

The CyberMiSTS research project requires that workshop participants teach the curriculum to at least one class of students in the 2019/20 school year.  For this reason, pre-service teachers are not eligible for the workshop.