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Cybersecurity for Middle School Teachers and Students (CyberMiSTS) is hosting a summer workshop that will provide middle school teachers the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to teach their students about cybersecurity. Although the target audience is Career and Technical Education teachers, we welcome any other teachers who are able to integrate a cybersecurity unit into their curriculum.

A two-week long CyberMiSTS workshop in July 2020 will be held every weekday from 9 AM to 3:30 PM at Stony Brook University, NY; exact dates will be announced soon.  

If you complete this 10-day workshop, you will receive a $1000 stipend. No stipend will be given if you drop out before the end. If you deliver your lessons to your class, collect data regarding their learning, and then share the results at a subsequent half-day workshop, you will receive an additional $300 stipend. You may also receive 57 hours of CTLE (Continuing Teacher and Leader Education).

Preference will be given to applicants working in a Suffolk County (NY) schools, and Middle school or CTE teachers. 

Interested in participation? Submit this form

  How to apply (Attention! Registration will open in January 2020!)

STEP 1. Download (a) Application form, (b) Research consent form, and (c) School support letter template

Download the Application Form

Download the Research Consent Form

Download the School Support Letter template

STEP 2. Print, fill out, and sign (a) Application Form 

STEP 3. Print, read carefully, and sign (b) Research Consent Form

STEP 4. Get the support of school Principal/Headmaster, ask him/her to modify and sign the (c) School Support Letter

STEP 5. Send those three signed documents (a,b,c) to the address: 

Nataliia Telendii (CyberMISTS application)
Department of Technology and Society
1435 Old Computer Science building
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4404

STEP 6. Wait until the May 1st to be notified if you have been chosen to participate in the workshop