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Teaching in Remote/Hybrid Learning Environments

A NYSED-Funded Evaluation Project


The Center for Teaching and Learning in Community, within the School of Professional  Development, will work with NYSED to conduct phased evaluations  of the development, implementation, and effectiveness of the TRLE, Teaching in Remote/Hybrid  Learning Environments program. The TRLE project, begun in August 2020, with funding under the US  Department of Education's Education Stabilization Fund-Rethink K12 Education Models Grants (ESF-REM), seeks to build the capacity of teachers and educational leaders to effectively  implement remote/ hybrid learning for all students.  

The short-term goal of TRLE is to help teachers and educational leaders address the urgent need for quality remote/hybrid instruction during the pandemic. The long-term goal of TRLE is to build statewide capacity for further development of remote and hybrid instruction with and within traditional learning environments. We are excited to bring what our educational community has learned during the pandemic to bear on our work with NYSED to effectively implement remote/hybrid learning for all students.

Throughout the three phases of the program, evaluation will include documentation and review  of action-research, and documentation and review of program implementation, including the  development, implementation and evaluation of a NYS Framework for Quality Remote/Hybrid  Teaching (“QRT Framework”) and competency-based professional learning experiences (PLEs).

Objective and PRIORITY AREAS

The primary objective of the CTLC’s evaluation team will be to drive continuous improvement  across the state, while working with key program partners to build capacity around priority areas:

  • Shifting to Teaching Online 
  • Engaging Families as Partners in Remote/ Hybrid Learning 
  • Meeting the Needs of SWDs through Remote/ Hybrid Learning 
  • Meeting the Needs of ELLs/MLLs through Remote/ Hybrid Learning 
  • Integrating Culturally-Responsive Sustaining Education (CRSE) in Remote Learning  Environments 
  • Integrating Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in Remote Learning Environments 

Read the TRLE's Project Report:TRLE Quality Remote/Hybrid Teaching: The Flexible Futures Instructional Framework

Participation Opportunities

Project Data




This project is made possible by funding from NYSED.