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About CTLC

The Center for Teaching and Learning in Community (CTLC) provides P-12 teachers and administrators with support, research and training that create, innovate, and engage the teaching community.  CTLC's mission is to bring together various educational communities to form a new, broader or more expansive community of educators to rebuild, transform, and reimagine the educational community.

Our workshops are designed and delivered by experts in the field, vetted by Stony Brook University's School of Professional Development (SPD), well-known for its high quality of educational programming. SPD is home to Stony Brook University's graduate programs in education, enrolling hundreds of students in graduate degree and certificate curricula leading to teacher and administrator certification, and serves as a leading resource for educators across the region.


Educational Focus Areas:

Professional Development

We seek to build a community of professional learners with relevant, engaging, and practical courses and workshops.

  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners
  • Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • Active Learning for Equity and Access
  • Mentor training and administrators program online and in-person 


Research & Scholarship

Taking advantage of the research resources Stony Brook has to offer, we will provide resources from information literacy workshops for teachers and students to opportunities for partnerships to research,
write, and publish.

  • Full-day conferences for educator research and presentation symposia
  • Full-day conferences for student research/ project organization and juried presentation symposia

Educational Technology Research & Development

CTLC will partner with experts in educational technology and classroom design to create digital learning classrooms.

District member teachers will have exclusive access to bring students to develop projects and plans that deliver engaging lessons using the latest technology.

Outreach & Strategic Partnerships

We have created a student-to-teacher pipeline program that gives high school students the opportunity to experience campus life, work with a preservice teacher-mentor, and begin college preparation (and, in some cases, coursework) while in high school.

  • SBU advisor-led workshops
  • Teacher Preparation Program
  • Faculty access and resources
  • On-campus symposia


Featured Course


News Literacy Summer Academy

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