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FEI Talos Arctica

FEI Talos Arctica

The FEI Talos Arctica is a 200 KV cryogenic transmission electron microscope coupled with an autoloader which allows users to load maxmum 12 specimens at a time. It is designed to work around the clock with an automatic liquid nitrogen refiller and uatomatic data acquisition software packages e.g. EPU. A direct detection camera  Falcon III helps to achieve atomatic or near atomic resolution single particle cryo-EM data. The high tilt specimen stage allows tilt series of tomography data collection which make the microscope highyl versital.





FEI Vitrobot Mark IV FEI Vitrobot Mark IV

The FEI Vitrobot Mark IV is a semi-automatic specimen freezing apparatus which provides accurate control to environment temperature, humidity, blotting force and length for specimen preparation thus making Cryo-EM specimen preparation highly reliable and reproducible. 





Gatan Cp3 Gatan CP3

The Gatan CP3 is specimen preparation instrument provides double side and single side blotting in addition to control to the environment temperature, humidity for specimen preparation. Single side blotting may be crucial for some specimen preparation such as cells grown on EM grids for tomography study. 







The EMS 150T ES is a sputter coater which can be used to coat thin carbon/metal layer(s) with precisely controlled thickness. 

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