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Space Management & Real Estate

Space Management & Real Estate, is a unit within Campus Planning, Design and Construction.

Stony Brook University’s space is a valuable, shared and limited resource that supports the academic, research and public service missions of the University. Effective space management identifies facilities that meet the needs of faculty and students, supports critical research that maintains the University’s reputation for excellence, and provides a work environment that allows faculty and staff to be successful.

Space is assigned to obtain the full value of our facilities. Space assignment is dynamic and temporary, as the optimum use of space may change as needs and priorities change. The university has the authority to allocate space to specific users for certain periods of time, review allocations periodically, assess utilization, and reallocate space as needed to support the university’s goals and objectives.

SUCF Space Guidelines

Space Allocation at Stony Brook University follows the SUCF Space Guidelines where applicable: SUCF Guidelines


How do I request more?

First we will need to know if you need office space or lab space.   To start the process, fill out one of our request forms:


Office Space Request Form

Academic/Research Labs Request Form





SBU's Real Estate Portfolio

The Building Index is a compilation of the Stony Brook University’s real estate portfolio.

This index provides a snapshot of each building at a high level. We gathered information together to have a sheet of highlights for a quick review. For access, please email Michele Lake at  with your name, title and reason for requesting access.