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8 Easy Steps To Campus Construction

Step 1: Project Initiation

Contact your building manager and request that a project be created on the web-based computer system. Your project request must include:

  • Valid funding account (Note: no costs will be charged to your account until the project is approved and authorized by you).
  • Brief description of the work to be performed.
  • Contact person, location, and phone number.

Example: Project: Install additional outlet in room 221 Administration Building; Account number XXXXXX; Contact: Mary Jones 2-XXXX.

Step 2: Number Assignment

Once a project has been created, it is assigned an MP2 tracking number through our computerized project management system. This MP2 number will follow the project from its beginning to final billing and closeout.

All inquiries should reference this number (your building manager may request access to the construction project reporting system, which will allow him or her to track the status of your project).

Step 3: Site Visit

You will be contacted by a Campus Planning, Design and Construction staff professional to schedule an initial site visit. Based on the site visit, it will be determined whether your project requires design. If no design is necessary, skip to Step 5.

Step 4: Project Design

Depending on the complexity of the project, one or more design disciplines will be involved: architectural, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing. The designer will work closely with you to ensure that all project requirements are satisfied while working within the budget. A scope report and project budget range will be provided. Once a design is complete and drawings are approved, they are reviewed for code compliance.

Step 5: Project Estimate

Campus Planning, Design and Construction does not charge an administrative fee. Projects not requiring design and those with completed designs are assigned to a construction manager for a project estimate. Estimates may vary from the final price due to field conditions and/or changes to the original scope of the project. All change orders will require your approval before they are added to the project.

Step 6: Project Schedule

The construction manager will prepare a project schedule. The time frame for projects varies greatly depending on the complexity of the project, access to the space (work to be performed on a classroom, for example, may need to be scheduled during break periods), availability of staffing, funding, and materials.

Step 7: Project Billing

The Accounting Office will contact you to discuss the two different payment options.

Option 1:
Enables the Accounting Office to charge the funding account automatically on a monthly basis for expenses that have been charged and recorded to the SUNY system. An invoice will be mailed to you. It may take up to three months before the charge appears in the SUNY system.
Option 2:
Allows you to prepay estimated costs at the inception of the project. If the costs at completion are lower, we will credit your account. If the costs with change orders and field condition adjustments are higher than the estimate, you will be billed when the project is completed. This option is not available if you use Sponsored Research funding.

Step 8: Closeout

At the close of the project, you will be provided with a project completion report. This report is an acknowledgement that all items have been completed as per approved scope. Within three months of project completion, the Accounting Office will provide you with a final reconciliation of project costs.