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Civil Engineering Labs

Civil Engineering Materials Teaching Laboratory I.  The Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory I is a high-ceiling work space for the construction and testing of civil engineering materials. The space is also dedicated for our ASCE concrete canoe and steel bridge teams.

Civil Engineering Materials Teaching Laboratory II.  The Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory II is designed primarily for undergraduate teaching. The laboratory includes modern material and geotechnical testing equipment such as a Shimadzu 300 kN University Testing Machine, Constant and Falling Head Permeameter, Consolidation Load Frame, Direct Residual Shear testing device, Triaxial Testing instrument, Marshall Load Frame, and Concrete Compression Tester.

Civil Engineering Hydraulics Teaching Laboratory.  The hydraulics laboratory is designed for teaching purposes in our undergraduate program and contains a variety of new equipment for studies of weirs, orifice and jet flow, energy loss, open channel flow, and fluid statics