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Dr. Mao Discusses her Research at the Center for Clean Water Technology

Dr. Xinwei Mao’s research interests lie in her passion of advancing and applying the knowledge of environmental microbiology to establish cost-effective and energy efficient wastewater treatment processes and promote a sustainable relationship between humans and the natural water environment. Dr. Mao is in the process of developing novel treatment systems at the Center for Clean Water Technology (CCWT).  These systems are based on novel denitrification pathways to treat on-site wastewater that is both cost-effective and energy-efficient. Research is underway to test the feasibility of these novel on-site wastewater treatment systems at the micro level in the lab as well as the feasibility at the macro level through field testing.  With her passion, creativity and professional skills, Dr. Mao is contributing to the development of sustainable natural and engineered wastewater technologies that will benefit all of society.


Dr. Xinwei Mao earned her Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley in Civil and Environmental Engineering (2015).  Dr. Mao holds a M.S.E degree from Johns Hopkins University (2009) in Environmental Process Engineering and a M.S. from Tsinghua University (2008) in Environmental Engineering and a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Beijing University of Technology (2006). Before joining the Department of Civil Engineering and CCWT in November 2015, she served as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of California, Berkeley (2014-2015) and an affiliated researcher in the Earth Sciences Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2014-2015).

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