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CEWIT2020 Conference Speakers

Breakout Session Speakers

CEWIT2020 features a strong program of speakers who are experts in their field, and who will share their cutting-edge research and ideas with attendees. The talks will center on the five major fields which are penetrating our business and personal lives: Machine Learning,  Artificial intelligence, Blockchain,  Computational Medicine, and  Cybersecurity.  This year they will also cover containment and mitigation of pandemic events by using artificial intelligence and information technology.

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Venture Capital Session Speakers

The New York State Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) was created in 2003 as the anchoring building in SUNY Stony Brook University’s Research and Development Park, to conduct applied research and commercialize it. Commercialization is seldom a direct linear path. Prevailing business environments and market profiles intervene in charting individualized directions. However, inherent to the metabolism of this activity is funding, be it forms of venture capital, self-funding, or by customers and/or licensees. 

As you know, the COVID pandemic is an inescapable force in today’s business environment. The International CEWIT Conference Venture Capital  sessions will address this, and other timely components of the business environment, through its international Venture Capital Trends Panel discussion. This Panel is composed of lead investors (alphabetically) from India, Israel, the UK, and USA.

Another component of the VC breakout will be a series of Update Presentations by growing early phase companies representing a spectrum of external funding cases from the minimal through Series B. CEWIT intends these to serve as examples not only of exciting technologies, but of sound business judgment and skillful adaptation to the COVID pandemic. Exciting, commercially viable technologies are in no short supply among Stony Brook University faculty members. Pitch Presentations by a number of faculty members looking for their commercial launchpad will also be presented.

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Medical Panel Speakers

CEWIT2020 will feature two medical panels with professionals in the medical industry with experience in cutting-edge technology. They will discuss health care in today's society, the struggles we face, and how technology has played a large part in their discoveries. 

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