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Stephen Rogers
Vice President Blockchain Initiatives for Supply Chain Platform Services

Steve joined IBM in 1981 as an engineer after receiving a BSIE degree from Georgia Tech. In 1986 he joined finance after receiving an MBA from Wake Forest. He was the Division Controller for the PC business and later became the Manufacturing Controller for Server Group. He then became VP of Finance and Operations for IBM’s System X Server division.In 2002 Steve joined the Integrated Supply Chain organization with responsibility at times for the Supply Chain for Retail Store Solutions, System X Intel Servers, Storage, Software, Solutions,  Demand/Supply and Inventory Planning for all hardware, and supply chain acquisitions and divestitures. In 2013 he became VP of Supply Chain Transformation and in 1Q 2017 became the VP of Blockchain Initiatives for Supply Chain in the IBM Industry Platforms organization.

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Blockchain in Practice - Beyond the Hype

Blockchain is a technology like hybrid cloud, AI, and Robotic Process Automation but less well understood. A lot has been wrtitten about the promise of Blockchain. While some are predicting it is years away from implementation and in delivering on those promises, thought leading companies are putting it into practice and operating networks overcoming formerly intractable challenges. This presentation will briefly describe blockchain's capabilities but more importantly what early adopters are doing with it, especially in Supply Chain applications. It will also provide insight into lessons learned from the early adopter applications and their attempts to build networks around common goals.

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