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CBTP Retreats:

January 20, 2022 - Workshop on Mental Health

CBTP held a 1/2 day winter retreat with a focus on mental health.  Trainees led a workshop on ways to unplug from work followed by a Suicide Prevention Workshop by the Center for Prevention and Outreach (CPO).

WinterRetreat22                                 Winter Retreat 2                               Winter Retreat 3


August 19, 2021 - Where can I go from here? A workshop on communicating your skills towards shaping your career

Full day in-person workshop on communicating one’s skill towards shaping one’s career.  The objective was to broaden participants’ knowledge and skills for exploring a variety of careers. This worshop included an interactive session led by Dr.  Alfreda James, Assistant Director of Graduate Service at the SBU Career Center,  that covered three modules focused on skills/actions: Assess your values, Develop your network, and Approaching interviews.  Trainees prepared in advance “Odyssey Plans” in which they imagined themselves in 5 years for discussion.   This was followed by a CV/resume workshop, lunch with ChemBio scientists and program faculty and  presentations from “Little Siblings” (students in their first year as CBTP trainees who are matched with “Big Siblings”, more senior CBTP trainees who have non-overlapping experimental skills).   Finally, the last session was a career exploration panel with four CBTP alumni  who have worked as a medical writer, academic postdocs, and/or scientists in the biotechnology sector. 

January  28, 2021 - Everything You Wanted to Know about NRSA Fellowships (and Beyond) But Were Afraid to Ask

Half-day virtual workshop on preparing an NIH NRSA F fellowship. The objective of this workshop was to provide students with skills and knowledge that would promote their success in applying for a predoctoral NIH fellowship.  The workshop included the review criteria and the review process from a panel of faculty who had served on NIH study sections for F fellowships.  Followed by a review of the preparation and submission process from an SBU grants administrator who is highly experienced in assisting and submitting fellowships. Participants prepared drafts of two fellowship components in advance and received feedback from several faculty members who have experience obtaining F fellowships with their students.

August  6, 2020 - Career Skills Workshop

Full-day virtual workshop on building career skills. Led by Dr. Anita Kishore, a consultant on professional development (including for life scientists) who also holds a PhD in chemistry/chemical biology, and Dr. Alfreda James, Assistant Director of Graduate Service at the SBU Career Center.  Trainees prepared an illustrative “Journey of You” that emphasized being comfortable introducing yourself and practicing telling your story. They also prepared background research on a company of interest.  Included in the workshop agenda was Q&A sessions about their companies of interest, a session on informational interviewing, a practicing interviewing processs  with mock interviews as well as an exercise in networking using small groups.


CBTP in the news:

March 29, 2019 - AAAS/CASE Workshop in DC features two CBTP fellows