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This team focuses on integrating research and technology development interests in the areas of oncogenic drivers, epigenetics, cancer metabolism, carcinogenesis, DNA damaging and repair, cancer population science and epidemiology, cancer genomics and proteomics, biomedical imaging and diagnosis, cancer precision medicine, medical engineering, synthetic biology, protein structure and cancer drug discovery and development, and translational medicine.


Cancer Tiger Team Final Report

Cancer Tiger Team Town Hall Presentation


Team Members

Jingfang Ju, Pathology (Lead)

Gabor Balazsi, Biomedical Engineering
Nancy Reich, Microbiology & Immunology
Flaminia Talos, Urology
Chiara Luberto, Cancer Center
Wei Zhu, Applied Mathematics & Statistics
Jennie Williams, Family, Population & Preventive Medicine
Wei Zhao, Cancer Center
Christopher Clarke, Cancer Center
OPD Rep: Kai Sherman