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Clubs and Activities

Our students are interested in a variety of clubs at Stony Brook University.  The clubs below are advised by SoMAS Faculty or organized and run by SoMAS students.  For more information about the other clubs at Stony Brook University, please visit   SB Engaged   .

Undergraduate Student Clubs


Stony Brook Meteorology Club 

SBUweather The Stony Brook Meteorology Club provides an environment in which Atmospheric Science majors and other students interested in weather can come together as a community.  We take trips to weather conferences, TV broadcast stations, and the National Weather Service, which offer our club members exceptional opportunities for education, networking, future research, and internships. At the conferences, club members present their own research to build upon existing knowledge in the meteorological community. We also bring our knowledge to the Stony Brook community by providing student-made forecasts and useful weather facts to the public on social media.

The club meets once a week during the school year. If you are interested in joining us at a meeting, please let us know at  Additional information is also available on the   SBUWeather Facebook  page.

Stony Brook Circus Club

Stony Brook Circus Club Logo of a unicycle and a juggling set.The Circus Club exists to enable access to equipment and knowledge about the circus arts to all SBU students. Many people interested in learning to juggle, unicycle, slackline, etc. find it logistically and financially difficult to get started.

We aim to teach those interested in learning, provide a place and time for people to practice with and learn from each other, and put on performances for the community.

Email us at  or visit us on   SB Engaged  or   Facebook.


Stony Brook Environmental Club


The purpose of the Stony Brook Environmental Club is to protect, conserve, and improve the environment by taking action on campus environmental issues. We will also raise awareness about local, regional, and global environmental issues through publication, presentation, and public interaction.

Join us for focus committees, campaigns, guest speakers, environmental-themed book clubs, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, such as hiking and gardening, and more! We also have notable events like our fall Hallogreen party and spring Green Gala. If you have something you would like to contribute, please let us know! We welcome all students.

We meet every Wednesday in the Student Union Room 237, from 7:00-8:00 PM!
Email us at  or visit us on   SB Engaged.


Graduate Student Clubs

GSC_Logo SoMAS Graduate Student Club

The mission of the SoMAS Graduate Student Club is to facilitate and foster an enjoyable extracurricular environment for the SoMAS graduate student community.  The SoMAS Graduate Student Club hosts annual events including   Vax to Flax  and Okubofest

Email us at or visit us on   Facebook.


SBUGSO Stony Brook Graduate Student Organization  (   Facebook)

The GSO is the graduate student government at Stony Brook University. The GSO is incorporated in the State of New York as a nonprofit organization.


While not affiliated directly with SoMAS, many of our students also participate in the   Spirit of Stony Brook Marching Band.