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Exploring Artemis 1

Going to the moon is just the pitstop

School of Communication and Journalism student Emmanuel Jaquez took an in-depth look at NASA's Artemis 1 mission for his senior reporting capstone project.

used with permission from the Stony Brook Media Showcase

Going to the moon is just the pitstop

Going to the Moon once again is coming around the corner. The Artemis program aims to put boots on the lunar surface again by 2025.

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Emmanuel Jaquez

Being a college student is hard, but knowing that hard work will pay off is one of my primary motivations. I earned a journalism associate degree at Suffolk County Community College and my bachelor's degree at Stony Brook University in 2022. My niche in journalism is science, sports and food. When I was younger, I used to play soccer and that was all I wanted to do. But after an injury, it was difficult to play again. It didn't matter to me that I couldn't play anymore; I knew I could still pursue something as fulfilling as playing soccer, and I did. I pursued journalism.

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