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Connecting Science Communication Research with Action

Below is a curated selection of features from the field of science communication written by collaborators.


How to Become a Doula: An Infographic

Ever wondered how to beome a doula? This infographic outlines the steps as part of our Emerging Talent series.

Including people with disabilities in the process of tech development starts by addressing technoableism

SBU Journalism grad Cindy Mizaku tackles the topic of creating tech that's inclusive for everyone - especially people with disabilities.

Autistic Misrepresentation in Autism Research

Whenever a dominant group in society has defined what a marginalized group is and looks like, it has never gone particularly well. That’s what the past century of mainly white cis-het researchers and psychiatrists and doctors have done for autistic...

Examining Access to the Rich Resources of Science Communication Fellowship Programs

A visual exploration of scicomm fellowships and their role in fostering inclusivity.

Inclusive SciComm Starter Kit

Inclusive science communication, or ISC, upends the traditional approaches of science communication by centering the values of inclusion, equity, and intersectionality. To help more science communication and informal learning practitioners...

Ellice's scicomm corner image with episode title

Experiences of Women in STEM

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ll focus on the experiences of women in STEM, from their support systems (or lack thereof) to their representation in media; from the decisions they face when it comes to whether or not to start a family,...