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Enter your email address slowly and carefully.  If you misspell your email address or leave off the .com or .net, your email confirmation will not get to you. 

Do not use your high school email address.   HS email accounts do not accept emails from outside addresses and your email confirmation will not get to you. 

Make sure to select and save the class you wish to take.  The 3 rd page of the application has a “course selection” tab and an “edit” button next to it.  Click “edit” to see the ACE classes at your school and select and save one.  The pay button will then appear.

Click “pay now” only ONCE.  If you receive an error message asking you to wait 5 minutes, check your email instead.  If you do not see the payment confirmation after 15 minutes, then try to pay again.  Multiple payments may be refunded but it can take several days.

Avoid delays.  To avoid processing delays, do not wait until the final days of the application period to apply. In past years, the large number of applicants trying to enter their information just prior to the final deadline caused technical problems that left them unable to apply.  If you do encounter technical difficulties, email us right away at and we will assist you the next business day.  

Get the payment confirmation in the email account you put on the payment page.  A receipt for your $300 Program Fee will be sent to the email address you entered on the payment page. 

Payments must be made online.  We cannot accept checks as payment for the $300 Program Fee.  Please do not mail checks to our office. 

Clear your cookies!  If you are experiencing trouble with the login page, close your web browser, clear cookies, and open the browser to try again.  We recommend Chrome or Internet Explorer for best results.  


Research Resources

As officially registered part-time, non-matriculated students of Stony Brook University, ACE students will receive a Stony Brook University Student I.D., which will allow them entry to our University Libraries, as well as access to their extensive online resources.

The East and West Campus University Libraries at Stony Brook contain nearly two million bound volumes and four million publications in microformat. The libraries provide hundreds of databases and state-of-the-art information services, serving students, faculty, and the surrounding community.