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Post-master's Certification in Educational Leadership —Application Information

Admission Requirements

Prospective Educational Leadership students are expected to have a thorough grounding in an academic subject area and must have completed professional courses in teacher education. Students must possess the intellectual and motivational skills for advanced graduate course work (at least a "B" average in prior graduate studies) and, in an essay to be included in the application packet, must display their interest and ability to become an effective administrator.

Students entering the Post-master’s Certificate in Educational Leadership MUST possess the following for admission:

  • Master's degree.
  • Permanent or Professional Teaching Certification.
  • Three years of full-time teaching, administrative, supervisory, or pupil personnel service experience, excluding civil service.
  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE) score taken within the last five years.  Only the general exam results are required; subject exams are not necessary. (Please note: This is a new requirement from SUNY that applies to all students planning to matriculate in the Fall 2015 term or later)

How to Apply

The application process has online and paper components. Everything listed below is required. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Online Component
The five steps below are completed online.


Complete the EDL Online Orientation and submit the required online Orientation Checklist at the end of the online orientation section, under SIGN OUT.


Go to the Apply Yourself website and click on the "Create Account" button. You may log in and out as many times as needed to complete your application.


Personal Statement. Please attach a personal statement of 750-1000 words that is a reflection of your ability to approach graduate-level work successfully, using creativity, critical thinking, analysis and research. Your statement should address the following:

  • What is your purpose in pursuing this degree/certificate?
  • How have you prepared yourself for this field of study? (Include any relevant professional experience.)
  • Specifically, how will this degree/certificate assist you in advancing both your professional and personal goals?
  • Describe your research and study interests and any other aspects of your background, skills, or qualifications that would aid the Admissions Committee in evaluating your motivation for graduate study.

Your personal statement must be your own original work.


GRE. Arrange to have Educational Testing Services (ETS) send official GRE score reports to Stony Brook University (school code: 2548). *GRE scores are required for all applicants who are matriculating beginning in Fall 2015.


Application Fee. Submit the nonrefundable $100 application fee via credit card. (Instructions are on the Apply Yourself website.)

Supplemental Materials
The following required materials must be collected into a single envelope and mailed to:

EDL Admissions
School of Professional Development
N-241 Social & Behavioral Sciences
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4310 (must use full zip code)

The Supplemental Materials Application checklist (PDF) provides a more detailed explanation of the requirements for this section of the application.


Two (2) letters of recommendation: One must be from the Superintendent of Schools (or her/his designee) and the other must be from school supervisory personnel or administrators who have a thorough knowledge of whether you have the temperament and disposition to become an effective leader.


A copy of your permanent/professional teaching, administrative, or pupil personnel certification.


A copy of your sealed, official transcript sent to you, the student, from the college or university where you earned your master's degree. Do not open the transcript envelope. (Transcript must reflect conferral of a master's degree.)

Immunization Form


Print, fill out, and return the Immunization Form (PDF) demonstrating proof of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella in compliance with New York State Public Health Law 2165. The form contains instructions for completion and the mailing address for Student Health Services. Do NOT submit to the School of Professional Development.

Applicants may expect to hear from the School of Professional Development (SPD)/Stony Brook University via email regarding an admissions decision typically within two business weeks after receipt of the Supplemental Materials packet and all online application materials.

SPD must be in receipt of complete applications by the published deadline for the requested term of admission, Fall, Spring or Summer, in order to be reviewed by the EDL Admissions Committee. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or considered for admission.

Application Deadlines

SPD admits students into the Post-master's Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Educational Leadership three (3) times a year (Fall, Spring & Summer). The application deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall: June 15
  • Spring: October 15
  • Summer: March 15
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