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Fingerprinting Verification

New York State law requires the Office of School Personnel Review and Accountability to conduct fingerprint-supported criminal history background checks for applicants for certification and all prospective employees of school districts, charter schools and BOCES.

The state is phasing out its former paper-based and Livescan fingerprinting verification processes in favor of a new live scan system operated by MorphoTrust. If you are planning to be fingerprinted between now and August, please review the timeline below to ensure that you are following the proper procedure. Failure to successfully complete the fingerprint process within the prescribed timeline will necessitate the commencement of a new fingerprint application along with the payment of all applicable fees. Fees associated with incomplete fingerprint applications are not eligible for a refund and cannot be credited towards a new application.


June 26, 2015: Last day to mail fingerprint cards to NYSED for processing. The rejection rates are significantly higher for "ink and roll" cards, therefore individuals may have to submit several sets of cards to successfully complete the fingerprint process.

July 10, 2015: Last day to submit new digital fingerprints. After this date, Livescan locations will no longer have the ability to transmit a new record.

July 24, 2015: Last day to re-submit digital fingerprints for individuals with a rejection. After this date, Livescan locations will no longer be able to transmit any fingerprints.

August 3, 2015: First day to have fingerprints scanned at MorphoTrust locations.


TEACH Account

The New York State Education (NYSED) TEACH system administers all information relating to certification. Current and prospective teachers have an account through which they submit their educational credentials, fingerprint clearance and other required information. If you are a student who has not yet created an account, please log in to get started. Your fingerprint clearance and status may only be monitored through your TEACH account. Be sure to save your log-in information because you will be using your TEACH account to apply for your certificate and will continue to use it throughout your career.

If you have any questions about your status you must contact New York State directly at 518-473-2998 or


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