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Join us as we welcome Gabrielle Jackson to the Department of Philosophy as our newest Assistant Professor.  Welcome, Dr. Jackson!

MA student Abdullah Basaran's essay "The Influence of Time on Artworks: A Hermeneutical Reading of Holocaust Films" was published in the journal On Human and Society, vol. 4, no. 7.

Ph.D. alumnus Andrew F. Smith's essay "Religion in the Public Sphere: Incentivizing Reciprocal Deliberative Engagement" was published in Philosophy and Social Criticism (2014, Vol. 40(6): 535-554).

Doctoral candidate Daniel Susser has won a 2014-15 Arts, Humanitites, and Social Sciences Graduate Fellowship, and Professor Jeff Edwards has won a Faculty Research Program grant.

Ph.D. alumnus Lawrence Cahoone's play Wise Guys: A Philosophical Comedy is available from Heartland Plays.

Ph.D. alumnus Leonard Lawlor has edited The Cambridge Foucault Lexicon (co-edited with John Nale), which features contributions from Ph.D. alumnus James Bernauer, Professor Eduardo Mendieta, and the late Professor Hugh Silverman (Cambridge University Press, 2014). 

Professor Robert Crease's column, "A Requiem for Technocracy," has been blogged in Facts & Arts.

Ph.D. alumnus Jeffrey Epstein's review essay "The State of Sovereignty and a Future Democratic Justice" has appeared in Radical Philosophy Review (Vol. 17, No. 1, 2014, p. 275-279.)  This essay is a review of alumnus Peter Gratton's The State of Sovereignty: Lessons from the Political Fictions of Modernity (Albany: SUNY Press, 2012).

Doctoral student Soren Whited's essay "Black Nationalism and the Politics of Race in the United States" was published in Radical Philosophy Review (Vol. 17, No. 1, 2014).

Professor Eduardo Mendieta's essay "Freedom as Practice and Civic Genius: On James Tully's Public Philosophy" was published in Freedom and Democracy in an Imperial Context: Dialogues with James Tully" (Routledge, 2014).

Doctoral candidate Daniel Susser's article "Philosophy's Climate Problem: A Primer," was published in the APA Newsletter on Feminisim and Philosophy.

Professor Anne O'Byrne and doctoral student Carlie Anglemire have translated Jean-Luc Nancy's Being Nude, now available from Fordham University Press.

Professor Mary C. Rawlinson composed a "A Toast to Ed" and Associate Professor Megan Craig composed "An Ode to Ed" on the occasion of Distinguished Professor Edward S. Casey's 75th birthday. Happy Birthday, Dr. Casey!

Philosophy major Leo Herr has received the Provost's Award for Academic Excellence.

Philosophy major Jean-Claude Velasquez has received the Provost's Award for Academic Excellence.

Distinguished Professor Eva Kittay has won a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Philosophy major Jean-Claude Velasquez has been awarded the Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest.

Professor Eduardo Mendieta's essay "The Sound of Race: The Prosody of Affect" has appeared online in Radical Philosophy Review.

Alumna and Professor Serene Khader has accepted the Jay Newman Chair in Philosophy of Culture at Brooklyn College. She will begin there in Fall 2014 after leaving Stony Brook University.

Professor Allegra de Laurentiis has won the Dean's Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching by a Faculty Member.

Doctoral candidate Lori Gallegos de Castillo has won the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student.

Doctoral candidate Lori Gallegos de Castillo will be giving a talk, "Affective Dimensions of Active Ignorance," at the Cognitive Science in the Arts and Humanities Symposium.

Professor Emeritus Don Ihde's essay "Phaenomenologie der Technik" has appeared in Zeitschrift für Kulturphilosophie 2013/2: Technik.  [PDF]

Doctoral student Adam Israel will be featured in the panel discussion "Radical Ideologies Today: Marxism and Anarchism," presented by the Platypus Affiliated Society on Wednesday, March 5th, at 2 pm in 214 Harriman Hall.

Philosophy major Jean-Claude Velasquez has been named the URECA Researcher of the month for March.

Philosophy major Jean-Claude Velasquez has won the Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence.

Ph.D. alumnus Charles Johnson has written a children's book, The Adventures of Emery Jones, with his daughter Elisheba Johnson.

Professor Emeritus Dick Howard will be speaking at the Platypus Affiliated Society's discussion event "Democracy and the Left" on Tuesday, February 25th, at 6:30 pm at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.   

Professor Emeritus Don Ihde's phenomenology of technics from Technology and the Lifeworld (pp.351-380) has been translated into German and published in ZEITSCHRIFT FUR KULTURPHILOSOPHIE, edited by Ralf Herausgeber and Dirk Weterkamp (Felix Meiner Verlag: Hamburg, 2-13).

Professor Bob Crease has been elected Vice Chair of the American Physical Society (APS) Forum for History of Physics.

Doctoral candidate Travis Holloway's essay, "What We Did In New York," which appeared last year in the Prague-based literary journal VLAK, has been translated by Şakir Özüdoğruand and published in the Turkish poetry journal Yasakmeyve as “Wall Street’i İşgal Et’te Şiir Kolektifi" (Yasakmeyve 64, Istanbul)

Doctoral candidate Rachel Tillman's article "Ethical Embodiment and Moral Reasoning: A Challenge to Peter Singer" was published in Hypatia (Vol. 28, No. 1) in February 2013.

Ph.D. alumnus Donald Landes' book Merleau-Ponty and the Paradoxes of Expression was published in late Fall 2013 by Bloomsbury Publishing.

MA Alumnus Dean W. Bond's essay Hegel's Geographical Thought has appeared in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space advance online publication, doi:10.1068/d19112

Distinguished Professor Edward S. Casey has composed a poem entitled "On Your 80th: Doggerel Dedicated to Don" on the occasion of Professor Emeritus Don Ihde's 80th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Dr. Ihde!

Professor Clyde Lee Miller's essay "Seeing and Being Seen in Nicholas of Cusa's The Vision of God (1453)" was published in The Downside Review, Vol. 131, No. 464 (July 2013), pp. 147-155.

Professor Mary C. Rawlinson is among 40 "international experts" invited by UNESCO to contribute to a publication celebrating the 20th anniversary of UNESCO's Bioethics Programme.  Her essay "Bioethics: A Bridge to the Future?" will appear in the volume later this year.

Professor Eduardo Mendieta's review essay "Manifestos and Metaphysics: Vattimo and Zabala's Hermeneutic Communism" has recently appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, and his essay "Justice after the Law: Paul of Tarsus and the People to Come" was published in Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge, Vol. XI, No. 1 (Fall 2013), 19-32.

Distinguished Professor Edward S. Casey has been invited to present the Dewey Lecture at the 2016 APA Eastern Division Meeting.

Doctoral student Jose Rosales' article "Badiou's Jurisprudence: The Event of Law and The Law of The Event" is featured on the critical legal studies website Critical Legal Thinking.

Recent Ph.D. alumnus Tim Johnston and Professor Mary C. Rawlinson are co-editors of Labor and Global Justice: The Ethics of Labor Practices Under Globalization, forthcoming from Lexington Books in 2014.  The volume includes Prof. Rawlinson's essay "Meaningful Work," as well as a foreword by Distinguished Professor Edward S. Casey.

Professor Mary C. Rawlinson presented a paper on food justice at the Manchester Conference on Political Theory (MANCEPT) at the University of Manchester, September 2013.

Professor Mary C. Rawlinson recently presented two seminars at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), one in the series on Ethics ("Eating at the Heart of Ethics") and one in the series on Health and Global Justice ("The Future of Bioethics").

Doctoral candidate Helen Ngo has been awarded the Stony Brook Distinguished Travel award for her presentation "Racism and the Habitual Body: Phenomenological Reflections on Racism through Merleau-Ponty and Heidegger" at the Australasian Society of Continental Philosophy Conference in Sydney, Australia in December 2013.

With the assistance of Ph.D. alumnus Benjamin Hale, Andrew Carson has compiled data on placement for grads in Continental Philosophy doctoral programs, and, according to his analysis, our department is #1 in tenure-track job placements.

Professor Eva Kittay has been offered a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship for her project "Philosophy and Cognitive Disability."

Professor Eduardo Mendieta's interview A pós-colonialidade potencializa a democracia with Luciano Gallas for IHU has been posted on line.

Professor David A. Dillworth's translation of Yukichi Fukuzawa's An Encouragement of Learning has been revised and reissued by Columbia University Press  with a new foreword by Dillworth.

Doctoral Candidate Travis Holloway's translation (with Flor Méchain) of Jean-Luc Nancy's essay "Of Struction" has been published in Parrhesia and is available at

Professor Emeritus Dick Howard's essay "Andre Gorz and the Philosophical Foundation of the Political" was published in in Logos (Vol. 12, No. 3).  Modified versions of this article will appear in the German journal Berliner Debatte and the French journal Esprit.

Professor Emeritus Dick Howard was interviewed in the Novemnber 5, 2013 issue of Le Monde.

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