Latest news:

July 2017
Mary Lyon joined our group as a postdoc.

June 2017:
Review paper accepted by RMP
Read draft

March 2016:
New book published with Peter van der Straten. Read more here.


Dr. H. Metcalf

Dept. of Physics
& Astronomy
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794

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Welcome to the Metcalf Research Group!

Welcome to the research group of Dr. Harold Metcalf. The group is currently composed of people ranging from undergraduate students to professors. Several different experiments are being conducted in the area of atomic and optical physics.

The Research link provides a synopsis of the major experimental areas under study in our group. Biographical information about each current member of the group is available under the People link. A listing of Publications is available, as well as any News & Updates. The Activities link provides information about the various specialized undergraduate and graduate programs in which we participate.

We welcome comments on the site by email to harold.metcalf [at] (Dr. H. Metcalf), or to anyone else (use the People link).