Dr. H. Metcalf

Dept. of Physics
& Astronomy
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794

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General News

2011 - Congratulations to Xiaoxu Lu who succesfully defended her PhD thesis "Excitation of Helium to Rydberg States Using STIRAP"

2012 - Congratulations to Dan Stack who succesfully defended his PhD thesis "Optical Forces from Periodic Adiabatic Rapid Passage Sequences on Metastable Helium Atoms

2013 - Congratulations to Yuan Sun who succesfully defended his PhD thesis "Stimulated Raman Adiabatic Passage between Metastable and Rydberg States of Helium".

2014 - Congratulations to Chris Corder who succesfully defended his PhD thesis "Optical Forces on Metastable Helium"

2015 - Congratulations to John Elgin who succesfully defended his PhD thesis "Study of the Velocity Dependence of the Adiabatic Rapid Passage ForceOptical Force in Helium"

Experiment News

All three main experiments presented at the 2012 DAMOP meeting in Garden Grove, California. You can find links to the posters presented below:

-Velocity Dependence of the Optical Force Produced by Adiabatic Rapid Passage

Bichromatic Force
-Toward Laser Cooling without Spontaneous Emission

-Polarization Effects in STIRAP Between Triplet He States
-STIRAP Production of Rydberg Helium: Effects of Thermal Radiation and Level Multiplicity