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The Disability Support Services office administers all issues regarding the federal legislation of "Americans with Disabilities Act" (ADA). Employees who identify themselves as having a disability or present a supervisor with medical documentation seeking a job-related accomodation should be referred to the Disabilities Support Services Office at (631) 632-6748. An evaluation of the documentation and request is made by the office to attempt to find a reasonable accomodation for an individual with a disability covered under the ADA to perform the essential duties of his/her position.

Human Resource Services is committed to supporting the University's mission of providing excellence in teaching, research, health care and economic development while complying with Federal and State laws, regulatory agency mandates and collective bargaining agreements.

Early identification and referral to the Employee Assistance Program for employees with behavioral problems is important in maintaining a safe, productive and healthy workplace. Employees experiencing personal and/or family problems at home often exhibit behavioral or performance problems at work. When discussing workplace problems with the employee, managers and supervisors should inform the employee of the availability of the Employee Assistance Program and should notify EAP that they referred an employee of the program. Employee participation in EAP is voluntary and confidential.

The Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action provides direction to the University community with regard to federal and state guidelines and legislation related to civil rights, equal employment, cultural diversity and affirmative action. They provide training and consultation to supervisors and staff, while conducting investigations of allegations of discriminations and sexual harassment.

The University Ombuds Office is an informal and confidential service available to Stony Brook students, staff, faculty and administrators to resolve complaints and evaluate options for positive action.

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