Mission Statement

The Stony Brook College of Business focuses on research, teaching, and the application of innovation and operational excellence by emphasizing a cross-disciplinary, global approach, and promoting ethical, socially responsible, and sustainable business practices.


To accomplish the mission, the first goal of the College of Business is to provide undergraduate and graduate business education of the highest quality that prepares students for rewarding professional careers. We seek to give each student a competitive advantage from a practical business program strongly anchored in theory that emphasizes interdisciplinary education, robust connections with other academic and professional units on campus, projects with off-campus and on-campus clients, innovative and ethical business practices, global business relationships, and socially responsible leadership. Our educational approach encourages students to think deeply both within and across the business disciplines and to relate their business education to other academic and professional spheres.

  • Graduates of our undergraduate program will be ready to fill supporting positions (for example, sales person, business analyst, or sustainability manager) as they acquire practical experience and prepare to ascend to higher management ranks.
  • Graduates of our MBA program will be ready to manage groups and projects and will have the strong foundational background needed to move toward upper management positions and to engage in entrepreneurial enterprises that market new products and services.
  • Graduates of our Executive MBA program will be ready to assume positions of leadership as they fill upper management positions and become entrepreneurs with startup and growing businesses.

The second goal of the College of Business is to create and disseminate new knowledge that relates to management theory and practice and that will have immediate or long-range practical significance. Because our business program is strongly anchored in theory that emphasizes interdisciplinary research, we seek robust connections with other academic and professional research faculty on campus (for example Medicine, Engineering, Economics, Psychology, Computer Science, and Applied Mathematics). Our research will meet the highest standards, earn publication in leading academic journals, and enlighten other researchers at major conferences around the world.

The third goal of the College of Business is to provide leadership that promotes economic growth on Long Island, in New York State, in the nation, and globally. We will work closely with businesses, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and others, such as campus technology centers and Brookhaven National Laboratory, to discover ways to promote well-being through the creation of a vibrant and sustainable economy.

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Interview with Kiegh Dudley, MBA in Accounting Student.

Center for Behavioral Finance launches website: The Center for Behavioral Finance at Stony Brook University brings together researchers from different disciplines to conduct research in behavioral finance. We aim at producing cutting-edge research in all fields of behavioral finance and (financial) decision making, mostly using experiments, publishable in top-tier journals in finance, judgment and decision making and psychology.




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