Mathematics Summer Camp

A two week residential camp for students interested in exploring various
fields of Mathematics

Dates: July 13- July 24, 2015
Application Deadline: Applications must be postmarked by April 1, 2015

$1500 Residential
$800 Non-residential


David Kahn

Eligibility: Students must be juniors or seniors in the Fall of 2015
Lab Hours: Monday - Thursday


  Friday 9:00am-3:00pm
Housing: The students will live in a dormitory on the Stony Brook campus from Sunday through Friday; residential staff is available at all times. Students are dismissed Friday afternoons for the weekend.
Chaperones: Students will be escorted to and from and supervised during breakfast and dinner and all other activities on campus (including the laboratory, dormitory, library, computer facilities, gymnasium, on all field trips, etc.) with the exception of lunch.

The program is designed for students who will be entering their junior or senior year in high school and who have an interest in enriching their mathematics education.  During the two-week program students will explore several branches of mathematics, including:

  • Knot Theory
  • Number Theory
  • The mathematics of puzzles and games
  • Cryptography - how public-key cryptography works and how to create your own codes
  • An introduction to the mathematics of finance
  • Statistics for the Biological Sciences

In addition students will learn to use MAPLE, an invaluable tool for anyone who is interested in studying Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, or Economics at the college level or beyond.

Why Summer mathematics?

During the school year, many students would like to learn more about the areas of mathematics that they are studying in high school.  During our summer program, students will spend every day enriching their understanding of mathematics and having fun at the same time.

How does it work?

Students will attend lecturs about topics in mathematics from experts in the field. They will also work individually or in groups on projects that will further their understanding of the topic. In addition, there are team competitions, and fun and games with mathematics.

Why this program?

You will be exposed to advanced subjects that you won't see in school. You will meet students from other schools who are also fascinated by math. You will get to know professors on a one-on-one basis. And, most of all, you will have fun!

Residential Life

Participating students who choose to live on campus during the week will go home on the weekends. Students will be housed in a dormitory reserved for academic high school programs. Students participate in recreational activities (at the dorms, athletic fields), as well as visit other campus offices such as Admissions and Student Activity Center to learn more about college life.

Mathematics Summer Camp Application

For additional information or questions, please call (631-632-9750) or e-mail (



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December 4: Astronomy Open Night - "Supermassive black holes: the most powerful and ancient objects in the University" (Dr. Takamitsu Tanaka)

December 11: Physics Open Night - "Chirality: from ancient Egypt to tomorrow's technologies" (Dr. Dmitri Kharzeev)

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