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The Institute for STEM Education (I-STEM) is a major interdisciplinary STEM education center and has established a wide range of academic year and summer activities for faculty, graduate students, undergraduates and K-12 students and teachers. I-STEM provides comprehensive, high-quality STEM education that advances knowledge in the field.    Read more...




2017-09-22   Geology Open Night, Dr. Timothy Glotch, "Insights into lunar geology from mid-infrared remote sensing measurements"

2017-10-10 & 10-12  Information session for prospective students in the Ph.D. in Science Education program 

2017-10-13 Living World Open Night, Dr. Krishna Veeramah, "Using Ancient DNA to understand the wolf in your living room"

2017-10-27 Geology Open Night , Dr.  Kirsten Siebach, "Five years of exploring mars with the curiousity rover"

2017-11-10   Living World Open Night , Dr. Jeroen Smaers, "How brains evolved: New insights from dinosaurs, birds, mammals and humans"

2017-11-17   Geology Open Night , Dr. Greg Henkes, "Stable isotopes, their intermolecular distributions, and why it matters"

2018-02-09 Living World Darwin Day, Dr. Hopi Hoekstra, "What Darwin didn't know"


PhD in Science Education

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