Angela Kelly, Ph.D. Angela
Associate Director, Science Education
Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Ph.D.   Science Education, Columbia University.
Ed.M.   Curriculum and Teaching, Teachers College,
                 Columbia University
M.A.     Science Education, Teachers College, Columbia                   University
B.A.      Chemistry, La Salle University

Angela Kelly is Associate Director of Science Education and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy. Dr. Kelly previously coordinated the Graduate Program in Science Education at Lehman College, City University of New York, where she taught in both the Department of Middle & High School Education and the Department of Physics & Astronomy.

Dr. Kelly’s research interests include inequities in secondary physics and chemistry access, science teacher recruitment and retention, pedagogical content knowledge in the physical sciences, and educational technology in the science classroom. She has given numerous presentations at national and international conferences, and has published recent work in The Physics Teacher, Journal of Curriculum and Instruction, Science Educator, American Journal of Physics, and The New Educator Journal.

Dr. Kelly is a certified teacher of chemistry, physics, and English, and taught in New Jersey public schools. She has also worked with the Bronx Institute in developing and teaching informal physics and chemistry classes for urban middle and high school students. 


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