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MTRC Outcomes and Goals

MTRC Goals and Outcomes



MTRC is an invaluable resource helping IPS primarily through assistance in cost effectively find and bring in interns.

The interns are an important asset to our team enabling us to get more leverage out of our experienced staff and offer attractive services to our clients. Through this, MTRC helps us drive sales, grow our business and offer a new array of services.

Going forward, as IPS begins offering a full range of both prototyping and finished manufactured goods to our clients, we expect to grow our business substantially on Long Island. We just leased additional space for this purpose and are counting on MTRC to help us with both staffing, training and infrastructure as we grow our business.

- Mitchell Maiman, President

It is a pleasure to work with the MTRC staff at Stony Brook.

They are keenly aware of the challenges facing start-up and emerging companies and were very helpful shepherding Biocogent through the application process.

- Joseph Ceccoli, President


The MTRC has provided direct assistance through the supplemental awards that has helped us stretch our operational budgets for people, sales and equipment.

It’s also provided a forum for us to increase the reach of our message and product knowledge to the surrounding area and beyond. Additionally the MTRC Team has provided a forum for direct mentorship for our entire team and created opportunities for us to develop additional business to business relationships through events, meetings and symposia.

- Joseph M. Ambrosio, President/CEO


I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with the MTRC at Stony Brook University.

I applied for a manufacturing grant after realizing we needed to purchase additional manufacturing machines and equipment due to capacity constraints. The process was entirely seamless and MTRC made this a smooth transition. The MTRC team was very accessible and this support was very comforting. As a result of a recently awarded grant, we are actively looking for additional production equipment and have increased our employee headcount.

I strongly recommend any manufacturing business owners in NYS to reach out to the MTRC to explore any potential grants and the wonderful programs they offer.

- Richard Zboray, Managing Partner