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How Does MTRC Define Success?


  1. The growth of Long Island manufacturing companies
  2. The success of Long Island regional manufacturing support partners
  3. Quantifiable economic impact seen through NYSTAR reporting and NIST surveys

Featured Success Stories

zBeatsMTRC has played an integral part in the growth and sustainable practices here at zBeats. With MTRC’s connections and funding, we have been able to go outside the scope of our normal bandwidth and resources.

zBeats is a Stony Brook incubator company within Stony Brook, New York, with seven full time employees, as well as four part time employees, with their office located at the Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology. They are entirely dedicated to developing personalized healthcare solutions for the cardiovascular life cycle of the human body by using Digital Twin Technology with key products including zBPro software and zBPatch hardware serving the ambulatory cardiac monitoring of major health facilities market.

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snake trap

MTRC is an invaluable resource helping IPS primarily through assistance in cost effectively find and bring in interns.

The initial challenge was the overall design of the product in the first place. Snake Trap had a vision of what the product would look like and needed help getting to the next steps in terms of 3D modeling and designing. This is where MTRC, part of the New York MEP and the MEP National Network™, came in.

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Phase I Success of Design-Driven Educational Robotics Product Development Leads to $1M Award for Phase 2

Mechanismic Inc. is a Long Island, New York, C-Corp designing and manufacturing an innovative DIY STEM Robotics Education and Play product called SnappyXO Design for K-12 schools, post-secondary institutions, students, makers, and hobbyists. Our products are also being sold to the informal STEM learning centers, such as museums, libraries, STEM programs and camps, hackathons, and robotics competitions. 

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Manufacturing Expansion, Bio-fermenter

Biocogent is a biotechnology compant focusing on research, development, and manufacturing of skin-active materials usined in specialized skin care products for both the personal and medical care markets. MTRC, along with their program partners, helped them aquire access to capital to expand their bio-fermenter capacity and become more competitive in domestic and global markets.

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ues new ups truck

All-Electric Delivery Vehicles for United Parcel Service Experience Upscale with MTRC

As a provider of electric propulsion systems for trucks and buses, Unique Electronic Solutions, LLC, was ready for upscaling. But, they needed the assistance of additional staff and new equipment to support the next phase. MTRC's help created new job opportunities and more.

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textured food innovations

Services for Stainless Steel Mold and Strands

Textured Food Innovations, LLC specializes in treating patients requiring modified-textured diets. MTRC was able to provide them with CAD drawings of stainless steel food molds used to produce contoured pureed meals.

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