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The Women’s Leadership Council of Stony Brook University was established in 2014 to serve a group of outstanding female students who are carefully selected for their academic potential, self-motivation, and commitment to success in their chosen field.

Through its work, the Council provides a platform for the intergenerational transmission of advantage by exposing student and early alumni participants to the professional practices and business etiquette needed to complement their academic training at Stony Brook.

Women's Leadership Council students remain engaged with the University through the network of WLC alumni, and contribute their time, expertise and support to the Council for the next generation of Stony Brook women.


 Students have successfully participated in internships at
CERN • Memorial Sloan Kettering • Greater New York Hospital Association • Cold Spring Harbor Lab • NYU Langone • Discovery Channel • The Cloisters • Yale Writers' Workshop • and more

Students have also been accepted to a wide range of graduate programs at schools such as
Harvard • Einstein • Cornell • Rockefeller • Case Western • Johns Hopkins • Emory  Emerson College • Stony Brook University

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