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University Senate
December 6, 2010

I. Approval of minutes from November 1, 2010: approved.

II. Approval of tentative agenda: approved.

III. Senate President’s Report (F. Walter)

  • No report. Happy holidays and see you in February.

IV. Provost’s Report (E. Kaler)

  • Siemens winners announced. Two mentors (Drs. Miriam Rafailovich and Iwao Ojima) are from Stony Brook.
  • Songdo: limited Master’s programs being developed.
  • Libraries: Administrative merger of both east and west campus libraries would save money and improve effectiveness. Developing a working paper which will be sent to the Senate Executive Committee.

V. President’s Report (S. Stanley)

  • There is nothing new to report on the budget. We remain hopeful that no additional cuts will be made to SUNY in 2010-11. State-wide deficit to be rolled over to FY 2011-2012.
  • Provost’s search committee: in the process of identifying faculty, staff and students to serve on the committee.
  • CIO Search: Just completed on-campus interviews with top eight candidates.
  • VP for Advancement: search continuing.
  • Strategic Planning: the deans have presented a short version of their strategic plans to the University Council. There will an opportunity for them to present them to the Stony Brook Foundation.
  • SUNY Chancellor Zimpher recently announced the members of the Innovation teams which include several members of the Stony Brook University Community.
  • Commencement to be held on Wednesday, December 22nd.
  • Status of Bain Group: Much of the diagnostic phases have been finished.

VI. Appointment of Graduate Program Directors (L. Martin)

  • The following was approved by the Graduate Council in 1989:

“It is the prerogative of the faculty members of any graduate program at the University at Stony Brook to choose their own Graduate Program Director. It is the policy of the Graduate School, however, that the Graduate Program Director shall be chosen from the tenured faculty of the program. In cases where there is an associate director or its equivalent, that position shall also be filled from among the tenured faculty. The Dean of the Graduate School will consider requests for exceptions to this policy.”

  • It is not allowed for chairs or deans to summarily appoint or summarily remove a gradate program director.
  • There are currently three or four non-tenured Graduate Program Directors.
  • Are there any incentives? There is no requirement that anyone gets any kind of release time or initial salary. That is at the discretion of the relevant programs or departments.

VII. Athletics: the Faculty Athletic Rep (FAR) and student advising (R. Susman & C. Sanfelippo)

R. Susman:

  • The position is mandated by NCAA. Every school that belongs to the NCAA has a FAR. Duties differ at all schools. They serve at the pleasure of the President and report to the President.
  • At every institution the core responsibilities are:

1. Promotion of academic integrity in Athletics.
2. Monitoring of academic performance
3. Student athlete welfare.
4. Being involved with compliance.

  • There are six faculty members on the Intercollegiate Athletics Board.
  • As a FAR, you have a close relationship with the Athletics Department.
  • Advise and mentor student athletes.

C. Sanfelippo:

  • Go to monthly academic advising meetings with Rich Gatteau and his staff.
  • Our role starts when the student athlete is in High School. We meet with the recruits when they are with their families touring the country,
  • Work with student athletes to schedule their classes around games.
  • Work with the professors regarding assignments/exams.

VIII. Report from UUP

  1. We have met with Ken La Valle. This week we will be meeting with Ken La Valle and Phil Smith.
  2. Open enrollment month for health insurance.
  3. Contract: everything that is not a money item will continue (health insurance, eye care, dental, etc) until contract is renewed.

IX. Update on RA Union Negotiations

  • RA’s were unionized in December, 2008. Still undergoing contract negotiations.
  • There are 740 graduate student RA’s who are supervised by PI’s.
  • Organized to win livable wages and improved health insurance.
  • What RA’s have won: a new minimum stipend. Non-contractual victories: better dental and vision insurance. The transportation fee was also waived.

To see the you tube presentation by the RA Union to the Senate please go to:

Meeting Adjourned.

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Laurie Theobalt

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