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University Senate
November 5, 2012

I. Approval of tentative agenda: approved.

II. Approval of minutes from October 1, 2012: deferred until December meeting.

II. Report from Senate President (F. Walter)

  • Thanked Barbara Chernow and her staff for keeping the campus safe during Hurricane Sandy.
  • Met with Senator LaValle. Discussed Gyrodyne – there is a deal in the works. Also discussed student salaries and getting state support for research (GRI).
  • Gen Ed was discussed at the EC meeting earlier today and an agreement was reached on what to do with the Gen Ed requirement.

III. The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: University Response and Lessons Learned (S. Stanley, K. Kaushansky, B. Chernow, P. Baigent and C. Powell)

  • President Stanley: The infrastructure around the campus was assessed and Stony Brook did well overall. We lost a student due to an auto accident in the storm. It is too early for a detailed analysis to see what worked and what did not work. There were lessons to be learned for the future. Keeping students safe was the priority.
  • B. Chernow: Facilities Operations was prepared the Friday before the storm hit. An Emergency Operations Center was also set up the same Friday and is still running. Co-gen was directed to disconnect from the LIPA grid. Southampton power was out and is now on. The State Troopers and the utilities used Southampton as their base of operations. Lost power for only 37 minutes. There was a modified bus schedule for students.
  • P. Baigent: There were 7,000 students on campus. Food Services fed 5,200 individuals that day. Residence Hall staff was on 24 hour call all week. Some students lost their homes. National Guard students were called into NYC. The Counseling Center is offering help for students during this very stressful event.
  • C. Powell: the University buys cable paths from two difference vendors and both assured the university that it would be fine. Cable went down on Sunday afternoon. There were multiple breaks in the lines. Did not regain primary connection until late Tuesday afternoon. There was trouble establishing Wi-Fi. Cellular issues were also a problem. The sync sites were re-energized as early as Thursday and Friday.
  • K. Kaushansky: Emergency Operations Center was set up for a couple of days. Took in dozens of patients from other hospitals. On generator power for approximately 45 minutes. Put 3rd and 4th year students on notice who had clinical responsibilities that they should honor those clinical responsibilities as long as it was safe. Getting gasoline was a problem for many staff members. Partnered with Hess to let hospital employees get gas first. Reopened clinics for elective surgery within 48 hours.

There was a question on who “essential” employees are

IV. Update on Gen Ed Requirement Report from the Undergraduate Council (S. Sutherland)

  • The new Gen Ed proposal builds on many of the fundamental principals in the DEC, encouraging both breadth and depth of general education study for undergraduates.
  • Minimal grade was somewhat controversial. A requirement of a Gen Ed GPA of 2.0 or higher has been suggested as an alternative. Undergraduate Council does not recommend this alternative.
  • Another issue are majors in CEAS. Currently there are several versions of DEC requirements. None of these require languages and have other reductions in order to be consistent with professional accreditations (Abet) needs.
  • Have been advised to incorporate a technology requirement.

V. Provost’s Report (D. Assanis)

  • There will be no exams today or tomorrow because of the hurricane. It was decided not to extend the academic year. Faculty have volunteered to come in on the weekends to help students. Deadlines for admissions have also been extended.
  • Congratulations to Harris Papadopoulos, President of the Graduate Student Organization. Stony Brook’s GSO has received the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS) President’s Award. This is the highest national award that a graduate student government can receive.
  • Middle States Reaccreditation: This is done every ten years. Work has begun on the self-study report and will continue into the next two academic years. An evaluation team will visit in the spring of 2014.
  • Cluster Hires: the results of the first call for proposals for SBU’s Interdisciplinary Faculty Cluster Hiring Initiative are: Behavioral Political Economy, Biomolecular Imaging, Coastal Zone Management and Engineering, Photon Science at the Joint Photon Science Institute (JPSI), and Smart Energy Technology.

VII. Report from the President (S. Stanley) – See written report.

VIII. Report from the East Campus (K. Kaushansky)

  • Plans for two buildings are moving ahead. An interior designer has been selected.
  • The glass windows in the hospital need to be replaced because of leaks.
  • There are three major recruitments in the SOM. Three endowed chairs are being sought.
  • Making progress in creating networks between doctors and hospitals.

IX. Bone Marrow Registry (P. Sheh)

  • There will be a student bone marrow drive on November 14th from 10-4 in SAC Lobby, Ballroom B and the Auditorium. This is a first for Stony Brook.
  • Hugely underrepresented and greatly misunderstood.
  • This is a lifesaving treatment for people with leukemia, lymphoma and many other diseases.
  • There are two ways to donate. One is peripheral blood stem cell donation and the other is a bone marrow aspiration.

X. Plenary Session (G. Fouron)

  • Downstate is losing 100 Mil a year.
  • The theme for the meeting was the Resource Allocation Tool (RAT) model utilized by SUNY Central to dispense resources to the various campuses.
  • The following resolutions were passed: Resolution for support of Downstate Medical Center—Passed unanimously; Resolution on the need for transitional funding with new Resource Allocation Tool—Passed unanimously; Resolution on collar (Floor) in budget Allocation Model—Passed; and the Resolution on the Necessity for campus president--Passed
  • Written report of the Plenary Session will be sent by next week.

XI. Report from UUP (A. Shertzer)

  • The UUP food drive has been extended.
  • Will also be collecting Hats for Heroes donations.

XII. New business: no new business.

XIII. Old business: no old business.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

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