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Tentative Agenda
University Senate Meeting
November 3, 2014

I. Approval of Agenda
II. Approval of October 6, 2014 Minutes
III. Report of the President of the Senate (E. Feldman)
IV. Discussion with the President (M. Whelan)
V. Discussion with Provost Dennis Assanis
VI. Discussion with Kenneth Kaushansky, Sr. Vice President for HSC and Dean, School of Medicine
VII. Presentation on Title XI (M. Leonard, M. Trachtenberg)
VIII. Report from the Administrative Review Committee, Robert Kelly, Chair (Out Sick)
IX. Report of the SUNY Faculty Senate Plenary Session (D. Bilges)
X. Report from UUP (A. Shertzer)
XI. New Business
XII. Old Businesss

University Senate
October 6, 2014

I. Approval of tentative agenda: approved.

II. Approval of minutes from September: approved.

III. Discussion with the President (S. Stanley)

  • The President’s Report was previously circulated electronically.
  • Trevor Sears commented that the roof is leaking in the Chemistry building causing electrical outages. Dr. Stanley: Critical maintenance on all of our buildings is a challenge. Was zero out of critical maintenance budget. There is a backup in projects that need to be done. The challenge is, as always, is to develop some ways to break through the bureaucracy that exists in the Construction Fund to make necessary repairs. Will check up on the status with Barbara Chernow.
  • Norm Goodman asked if there were any issues he would like to discuss with the senate such as the smoking policy. President Stanley stated that Stony Brook is on track to have a tabacco free campus. He spoke with the student press about a fall semester 2015 start up. We need a longer dedicated session on the no smoking policy.
  • Should also have a dedicated session for Title IX.
  • We need to think about the next phase of SUNY 2020. It will be expiring at the end of the year. We need to plan ahead.

IV. Senate President’s Report (E. Feldman)

  • Club Red will not meet this week. Trying to work towards consistency. The University Affairs Committee will be working on this.
  • Dr. Feldman: We will get someone to talk at the next senate meeting about Title IX: Sexual harassment/assault. Fairly complicated process between State, Federal and Local guidelines in terms of Title IX. There will be some faculty training. Would like to get the word out because it is important. Student may come to faculty with issues and sexual harassment and abuse.

V. Discussion with the Provost (D. Assanis)

  • The Provost’s Report was previously circulated electronically.
  • Nominations for the 2014-2015 Chancellor’s Awards are due in the Provost’s Office no later than October 10.
  • The President and Provost have established the Online Learning Development Initiative. Funded initially for four years at $250,000 per year. It seeks new and innovative proposals to develop both online and blended-learning courses and tool that offer special opportunities for learners. In 2014-15 the initiative will give preference to proposals that address time-to-graduation and graduation rates. Running workshops with TLT this semester.
  • There were 69 new tenure-track hires this year.
  • The annual Turner Fellowship welcome dinner was held on September 30th.
  • The Provost’s Office will be hosting a one-day retreat for West Campus Deans and Chairs on October 24th

VI. Report on Start-Up NY (Y. Shamash)

  • Dr. Shamash provided an overview of the Start-UP NY statewide initiative.
  • New York is the most taxed state. High cost of doing business in NY.
  • No taxes for ten years. No real property tax and no sales tax on purchases.
  • No state personal income tax for employees for the first five years. All salary and wages are exempt.
  • Eligible businesses are start-ups that have been hatched from a NYS incubator.
  • Cannot have a company that competes with other similar businesses in the community.
  • Some statutorily prohibited sectors are: retail/wholesale, restaurants, accounting firms, and medical/dental practices.
  • Some statutorily restricted to specific industry sectors: biotechnology, information technology, remanufacturing and advanced material.
  • Stony Brook start-up spaces: LI High Technology Incubator, 246 acres in the R&D Park, 50 acres in Calverton and a portion of one building at SB Southampton.
  • Vision: “As a top-tier research university, Stony Brook will be a key engine of a dynamic, interconnected and entrepreneurial regional ecosystem that feeds the prosperity of self-sustaining technology-based globally competitive industry clusters driven by continuing innovation”.
  • Benefits to SBU: R&D collaborations for research faculty; internship opportunities for students and potential post-graduation job opportunities for students.

VII. Report from the East Campus (K. Kaushansky)

  • Dr. Kaushansky presented a PowerPoint about the growth on the East Campus.
  • New Hires: Tong Joo Gan, new Chair, Department of Anesthesiology; Samuel Ryu, new Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology; Maryann Donahue, Chief, Patient Care Services; Bettina Fries, Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases and Javed Butler, Chief, Division of Cardiology and Co-Director of the Heart Institute.
  • Joe Lamantia, chief of operations for Population Health, will be helping with Medicaid.
  • Matriculating student demographics: SOM admitting class: 124. Received close to 5,500 applications.
  • Ninety percent of the students satisfied with their medical education which is an improvement.
  • Strategic Plan: funding has risen 25% over the last four years.
  • SOM 2020 recruits have brought in nearly $43 Mil to Stony Brook.
  • Cancer funding now approximately $14 Mil.
  • New PET/MRI scanner.
  • Clinical Medicine: Approximately 35,000 inpatient stays and 4,000 births.
  • New MART building will be 240,00 sq. ft. with a projected completion date of April 2016. Projected cost will be 94 Mil.
  • New pavilion at the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital will have 225,000 sq. ft. of new clinical space and 150 beds. Projected completion date will be Fall 2016. Can expand from 11 to 21 floors.
  • There will be 650 new parking spaces on East campus to accommodate growth.
  • School of Pharmacy is on hold.

ARC Survey postponed until November meeting.

Adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

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