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Tentative Agenda
University Senate Meeting
October 6, 2014

I. Approval of Agenda
II. Approval of September 8, 2014 Minutes
III. Report of the President of the Senate (E. Feldman)
IV. Discussion with President Samuel Stanley
V. Discussion with Provost Dennis Assanis
VI. Discussion with Dr. Kenneth Kaushansky, Sr. Vice President for HSC and Dean, School of Medicine
VII. Report on Start-Up NY – Yacov Shamash, Dean, College of Engineering
VIII. Report from the Administrative Review Committee, Robert Kelly, Chair
IX. Report from UUP (A. Shertzer)
X. New Business
XI. Old Business

University Senate
September 8, 2014

I. Approval of tentative agenda: approved.

II. Approval of minutes from May 5, 2014: approved.

III. Report of the Senate President (E. Feldman)

  • Plan to keep Fred Walter as an active consultant. We have met with the VP for Strategic Initiatives, Matt Whelan, on Start-Up NY; the Sr. VP for Administration, Barbara Chernow, on a variety of issues including the University Club; and with the new Deputy to the President, Ed Summers, on working with the President’s Office.
  • Represent the Senate on the University Council, the Stony Brook Council, the Provost’s Advisory Group as well as other university-wide committees.
  • Some changes that Dr. Feldman would like to make in the way of the function of the Senate:
    • Will try to get the senate material out at least one week in advance.
    • Less reporting and more dialogue with Senior Administrators. Asking that they have bring questions that they have for faculty and the University Senate to your attention so they can get some feedback from the senate body.
    • The Senate Standing Committees will be invited to report on what their agenda is for the year.
  • Please go back to your departments to let them know what the senate is doing.
  • Club Red has been a fantastic contribution to the University.
  • The Senate President has an office in Psychology B, Room 131.

IV. Discussion with President Samuel Stanley

  • Congratulated members on the Middle States Reaccreditation Steering Committee, led by Co-Chairs Drs. Daniel Davis and Charlie Robbins. Stony Brook received a fantastic score. We were approached by Middle States for a copy of our self-study report so that other academic institutions could use it as a guide.
  • Dr. Sacha Kopp has been named the new CAS Dean. Thanks to Nancy Squires who served as Interim Dean.
  • Dr. Edward Summers has been named Chief Deputy to the President.
  • Marjorie Leonard has been named Director for Title IX and Risk Management.
  • Budget Challenge: In the past, when there were pay raises negotiated in contracts by the Governor’s Office, the state then put those increases into our state allocations. Unfortunately that was not done after the negotiations on this contract. SUNY gave a one-time funding allocation of $1 M to support the State salary increases. We need $9 Mil more to cover the salary increases.
  • Stony Brook gets recharges from SUNY. SUNY takes the money back from the campus. It does not appear in the money that has been allocated initially to SUNY but rather it is money taken from the campus. It is for payment for services they are providing to the campus (Central Services). Stony Brook pays $3.8 M annually in recharges. About four months ago we were notified that a new recharge plan would add significantly to the recharges. SUNY wanted another $14 Mil in recharges from all the SUNY campuses. Stony Brook will be responsible for an additional $1.5 Mil.
  • SUNY reserves: campus reserves are like having a checkbook. We are a $2.2 Bil organization. We do not have much in reserves.
  • Future development of Gyrodyne: Received $60 Mil for the State to build a new building. This will support companies that have outgrown Stony Brooks incubator. Would like to use the $60 Mil as a nucleus to build a larger building. Potentially would like to bring in a partner. There is covenant when the land was purchased that we cannot use it for classrooms/academics.

V. Discussion with Deputy Provost Rich Reeder

  • New appointments:

Sacha Kopp, Dean, CAS
Charles Taber, Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies
Imin Kao, Interim Dean of International Academic Programs and Services

  • Welcomed 48 new tenure-track faculty for 2014/2015.
  • In June Stony Brook and Brookhaven Associates partner, Battelle Memorial Institute, submitted a proposal to the Department of Energy for the management and operation contract for BNL. We should be notified of approval by November.
  • Governor Cuomo awarded $7 million in grants SUNY High Needs Program. Stony Brook received a total of 180,000 and shared $100,000 with SUNY Old Westbury and Farmingdale.

VI. Discussion with Dr. Kenneth Kaushansky, Sr. Vice President for HSC and Dean, School of Medicine

  • Family Medicine residency has transitioned to a joint program with Southampton Hospital and practices on that campus. New Internal Medicine residency at Mather Hospital.
  • Stony Brook Medicine has completed negotiations with Southampton Hospital. Waiting for final approvals.
  • The search for a new Dean for the School of Dental Medicine continues.
  • Stony Brook Medicine was chosen to lead all 130 healthcare institutes in Suffolk County in Medicaid redesign. Will be managing $400-500M project.
  • The final bid for the majority of construction of the MART and SBU/CH Bed Tower was accepted. Opening of Mart planned for late spring 2016 and the SBU/CH tower for late fall 2016.
  • Approximately three years ago Downstate Brooklyn decided to create an affiliation to take over LI College Hospital. It was a merging of two failing hospitals. It lost several hundred million dollars. Our affiliation with Southampton Hospital, on a very superficial level, has come resemblance to the downstate LICH affiliation. It ends there. There are no other similarities. Two very financially sound organizations are coming together with a lot of potential.
  • Future of the Department of Anatomy: We need to streamline. There is a possibility it will be combined with another department.
  • The no smoking on campus initiative is being revived. There is a Task Force already in place and a no-tobacco policy is being considered.

VII. Report from the Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education and Dean of the Graduate School (C. Taber)

  • Vision for SPD: three step planning processes

Started with the previous Dean, Paul Edelson, who did a self-study report.
Several studies were done about SPD by Interim Dean, Tom Sexton, whom delivered a report.
The Provost convened an Advisory Group headed by Brent Lindquist.

  • All three of these planning processes came up with the same recommendations for SPD. Number one recommendation: Need to diversify offerings in SPD. In order to accomplish that, SPD needs to change. Need a market analysis then develop a curriculum that fits the needs of Long Island.
  • Ninety-eight percent of the tuition revenue comes from their education programs.
  • Need revenue sharing plan with departments.
  • Need to look at non-credit programs and certificates.
  • SPD needs to continue to expand on-line education.
  • Will not be a search for a Dean. The position will remain empty.
  • Graduate School and SPD will remain as separate organizations.

VIII. Report from the Athletics Director (S. Heilbron)

  • Vision to positively transform student athletes. Want to help student athletes reach their dreams competitively and academically. Want them to get involved in the campus experience. All too often they are confined to the fields and their team mates. Experience all opportunities that Stony Brook has to offer to maximize success.
  • We want student athletes that want to achieve academically. Last year they earned a 3.08 GPA which doesn’t happen very often on campuses.
  • As an AAU Institution we have a tremendous opportunity to recruit student athletes who want to be challenged academically.
  • Working on 5-year strategic plan. Moving very progressively in the creation of this.
  • Need to raise more private money.
  • Swimming pool bids have been received.

IX. Report from Capra (D. Dwyer and N. Goodman)

  • Strategic Planning – monitoring the budget
  • Satellite campus Subcommittees looking into SUNY Korea, Manhattan and Southampton
  • Stony Brook Medicine: resource allocation, budgets, opening/closing of programs. Will be monitoring progress.
  • Libraries: looking into space issues.
  • Will be looking into the University organizational table.
  • Enrollment and retention planning committee: was provided with the enrollment goals for the next four years for both graduate and undergraduate students. Continuing discussions about the increased use of online education to increase enrollments with lower costs to the campus.
  • Will be looking into the hiring practices of administration.
  • Looking at SUNY 2020 and SUNY Start-Up.
  • There will be a white paper circulated on the new budget model.

X. Report from UUP (A. Shertzer)

  • Great showing at the Labor Parade.
  • Delegate assembly is October 16-18.
  • There will be a railroad trip on September 20th.

XI. New Business: no new business.

XII. Old Business: no old business.

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