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University Senate
October 4, 2010

I. Approval of tentative agenda: approved

II. Approval of minutes from September 13, 2010: approved.

III. Report from Senate President (F. Walter)

  • The Stony Brook Council met this morning. Applauded the undergraduate students who stood up to speak about their issues. (See President Stanley’s Report)
  • Need full representation on Senate and Senate committees.
  • Considering forming a nominating committee to be added as a senate standing committee.
  • Would like to start each meeting with Senate business.

IV. Draft Guidelines on E-Mail Policy (D. Snow)

  • Would like the electronic communications we use routinely to have the same type of privacy as if we were writing letters, talking on the telephone or meeting students in our offices.
  • The Executive Committee did some fact finding to see if other universities had any electronic privacy policies in place. They found 32 schools have a comprehensive policy in place.
  • Two purposes: that this policy will provide parameters for disclosure of Electronic Communication (EC) records at SBU, and to provide the method for implementation procedures for the privacy and disclosure of EC records.
  • This will be a more comprehensive policy than used at other universities.
  • Please look over and send comments to L. Theobalt by Oct. 25th.

V. Research Committee Proposals (F. Walter)

  • The four proposals by the Senate Research Committee were read.
  • No discussion: all in favor of accepting proposals: all in favor, no abstentions

VI. Second reading of proposed amendments to the Constitution (F. Walter)

  • Second reading of amendments was read with no discussion.
  • Norm Goodman suggested adding the following sentence to the end of the recommended change to the charge of Capra after: “and inter-collegiate programs or the elimination, diminution, or combinations of colleges, schools, or other academic units.

VII. Report from the President (S. Stanley)

  • Stony Brook ranked 78th in the world in a new rating developed by Times Higher Education magazine.
  • Plans being finalized for the Building Inauguration Celebration for the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics.
  • Stony Brook Council meeting was difficult. Southampton students are having a difficult time adjusting to Stony Brook. Input by faculty and the Senate EC was appreciated.
  • PBS News featured a segment on Stony Brook’s EOP Program. Stony Brook has the most successful EOP Program of all SUNY campuses.

VIII. Provost’s Report (B. Lindquist)

  • The October Provost’s Lecture Series will be hosting a panel on Oct. 6th on SB General Education: 40 Forward Dr. Ralph Kunci, Dr. Graham Spanier and Sue Faerman. On Oct. 21st, Dr. Louise Leakey will be speaking on “A Search for Human Origins at Lake Turkana in Northern Kenya”. On Oct. 28th, Dr. Bernard Waldenfels will give a talk on “Response and Confidence: Some Aspects of Responsive Ethics.”
  • We will celebrate Undergraduate College Commons Day on Oct. 20th
  • On Oct. 22nd the Provost will host an Academic Achievement Banquet to honor students who have demonstrated extraordinary competence.

IX. UUP Report (C. McAteer and Cathy Southerton)

  • Register to vote!
  • Last year the UUPS participated in the EOC/EOP Advocacy Day in Albany. EOC/EOP students and UUP members spoke to legislators to make sure they understood the importance of this program
  • Collective Bargaining agreement is expiring in June 2011. Negotiations teams state-wide will be making campus visits. They will be at Stony Brook in early November. This is the time to bring up issues for negotiation.

Norman Goodman brought the following resolution to the table:

The University Senate thanks Professor Michael Schwartz for his exemplary leadership of this body for the past year and a half. His proactive stance toward issues and his style of bringing controversial issues to the Senate and to the campus community in the form of “town hall meetings” has enhanced the relevance of the Senate to the administration and to the campus community as a whole. We are deeply in his debt.

Accepted by acclimation.

X. New Business:

XI. Old Business:

Meeting adjourned:

Submitted by:
Laurie Theobalt, Secretary

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