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University Senate
October 1, 2012

I. Approval of tentative agenda: approved.

II. Approval of minutes from September 10: approved.

III. Senate President’s Report (E. Feldman for F. Walter)

  • The EC meets weekly and tackles important agenda items for the 2012-2013 year. Among those are trying to stay abreast of shared governance which is one of the models that the Chancellor has talked about and which we are trying to monitor on our own campus. The EC has also discussed the new Resource Allocation Model for finances, the Gyrodyne issue, the new administrative RCM model, Gen Ed, and Middles States. Would like to see a Faculty Club started at Stony Brook.

IV. Report from East Campus (K. Kaushansky)

  • In the research realm the biggest event has been surrounding this new Medicine and Research Translation building we are constructing on the East Campus. We have moved from the programming stage to the schematic actual drawings of how the space will be allocated. The building will have educational space with a 350 seat auditorium. A group has been sent to other research translation buildings at other universities to learn how they integrate the various constituents.
  • Recruitment continues for a number of research faculty including Biomedical Informatics, Cancer Medicine and Biology.
  • In the midst of three separate educational initiatives.
  • Expanding the Simulation Center which uses mannequins or models instead of live subjects.
  • Exploring how can we better integrate the science of medicine into the clinical practice of medicine.
  • Had an educational retreat that was very well attended.
  • Letter of intent with Southampton Hospital and Stony Brook to create a health

V. Update on Facilities (B. Chernow)

  • Facilities master plan covers ten-year period beginning in 2013. Purpose is to maximize space. This is a five phase approach.
  • FMP goals are to repair or re-purpose existing space, address classroom and research space, preserve wooded areas, plan for pedestrian first, enhance biking experience and reduce on-campus auto traffic.
  • Student Developed Transportation Information System was launched in Spring 2012. Displays live transit bus location and estimated bus stop arrival times. Information shared via websites, mobile apps., etc.
  • Transportation partnership between SBU and Suffolk County began in May 2012.
  • SBU Planting program has planted 717 trees and 1,759 bushes to date. Plantings are initially grown in the University’s greenhouse.
  • Crime has gone down since 2009.
  • New changes in fire code applies only to residential housing. Single detector activation does not have to be reported to the volunteer fire departments.
  • The first phase of a three phase project to consolidate all CCTV cameras has been completed.

VI. President’s Report (S. Stanley)

  • US News and World Report listed SBU as one of the top forty public universities in the country. Stony Brook is ranked 92nd among national universities.
  • Homecoming weekend drew nearly 11,000 people to campus.
  • October marks the tenth anniversary of the Wang Center. Celebrations will be taking place all month long.
  • It is the 25th anniversary of the Turner Fellowship Program. The Center for Inclusive Education will host an anniversary event on October 5th.
  • Ben Cohen (former rugby superstar) is schedule to lecture on the dangers of bullying on October 9th.
  • Ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Rec Center will be held October 19th.
  • Will be meeting with the Chancellor regarding Gyrodyne.

VII. Provost’s Report (D. Assanis)

  • Call for Nominations for the 2012-2013 Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer Award: the nomination file with all required documents must be submitted to the Provost’s Office no later than January 28th, 2013.
  • The Faculty Achievement Dinner will be held at the Old Field Club on November 8th.
  • The Academic Achievement banquet to honor students who have demonstrated extraordinary competence and have excelled in their academics will be held on November 16th.
  • Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence nominations are due in the Provost’s Office by November 8th.
  • Field of cluster hires was down to 34 in the Provost’s Office. Now down to 5 candidates. Should announce names by the end of the week. New round to start in December.
  • Will be meeting with Deans to discuss strategic plans.
  • Stipends for graduate students are a high priority for SUNY Centers.

VIII. Report from the UUP (A. Shertzer)

  • Still negotiation a contract.
  • Please vote in November.

IX. New Business: no new business.

X. Old Business: no old business.

Meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

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Laurie Theobalt

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