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University Senate
May 7, 2012

I. Approval of tentative agenda: approved.

II. Approval of minutes from April 9th: approved.

III. Report for Senate President (F. Walter)

  • Have finished most of what we set out to do this year.
  • Reminded people to vote in Senate elections.
  • Middle States Accreditation process has started.
  • Challenges: diminished research funding.
  • One of the goals for the upcoming year is to do a better job incorporating the HSC Senate and the Medical School Senate.

IV. Approval of the IT Appropriate Use Policy

  • This policy was debated at the last meeting. Changes were made to document from the input at that meeting..
  • Motion was made to adopt the policy. Motion was seconded.

All in favor of adopting the IT Appropriate Use Policy: 19; Opposed: 0; Abstentions: 3

Policy is adopted.

V. Report from the Administrative Review Committee on Shared Service Centers (R. Kelly)

  • In December 2011, the University Senate issued a charge to the Administrative Review Committee to gather and analyze data obtained from other higher institutions that have implemented shared service activities. An overview committee was charged with investigating SSC’s at other universities.
  • Identified seven initial universities (Michigan, California at Berkeley, California at Santa Barbara, Cornell, North Carolina) with two supplemental (Yale and New Hampshire). Looked for a range of contacts. One ARC member was assigned per university.
  • Used a standard question list.
  • Found that the motivation behind SSC’s was primary financial. Public Institution’s reduced financial support and private institution’s reduced endowment. There was some mention of improved services.
  • Implementations were limited and recent.
  • Consistently began with non-academic shared services (e.g., financial, IT, facilities and HR).
  • Success comes only with full cooperation of affected departments, e.g., Michigan (positive), Berkeley (negative), and Yale (transitioning).
  • Some departments are concerned with a reduction in academic quality associated with a loss of control over staff.
  • Information dissemination and transparency is very helpful.
  • A good source of information is an administrative office with sole responsibility for shared services.

VI. Proposal to re-establish AROTC on Campus (I. Rodriguez)

  • Objective of SBU’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps is to allow students great accessibility to careers in the uniformed services.
  • Hofstra University serves as the Host Institution for Task Force Havoc (TF). SBU is the largest of 13 affiliate schools in the TF, anchoring 4 Suffolk County schools.
  • Currently, AROTC TF Havoc operates on campus as a student club with the ultimate goal of establishing a recognized partnership at SBU.
  • Would eliminate travel to Hofstra.
  • There are 28 students involved with AROTC at SBU (increase from 47% from last year).
  • Instructors would not have tenure opportunities but would be required to follow all SB instructional regulations. All expenses are covered by AROTC Cadet Command (US Army).
  • The AROTC will provide a wide range of experiences for Cadets combining military science classes and hands-on leadership experience.
  • Motion was made and seconded to accept AROTC Proposal: All in favor: 17; opposed: 2; abstentions: 7. Proposal accepted.

VII. Presentation on New Rec Center (S. DiMonda)

  • Opening in the Fall of 2012. Located between the Student Union and the current Gym.
  • First floor has multi-purpose rooms, three gym courts, lounges, fitness studio, wireless internet, etc. Second floor has over 13,000 sq. feet of weights and cardiovascular TV’s, stretching area, 1/10th mile running/walking track, two fitness studios and a wellness suite. The lower level has a multi-activity court for basketball, soccer, roller hockey, badminton and volleyball.
  • Additional amenities – sports club practice space, storage for equipment, lounge areas, wellness rooms, wireless internet, etc.
  • Variety of intramural programs will be offered throughout the day. Open recreation available 18 hours a day. Opportunity for separate leagues for undergrads, grads, faculty and staff. There will be a variety of special events.

F. Walter: Ed Feldman has been nominated for re-election as Secretary of the Senate. There were no other nominations. Move to re-elect Ed Feldman by acclimation. All in Favor, none opposed. Ed has been re-elected as Secretary.

VIII. 161st Plenary Meeting of the University Faculty Senate (G. Fouron)

  • Ed Feldman was elected Vice President/Secretary to the NY State University Faculty Senate.
  • See report for the full minutes of the Plenary Session.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by:

Laurie Theobalt
University Senate

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