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University Senate
May 2, 2011

I. Approval of minutes from April 4, 2011: Approved

II. Approval of Agenda: Approved.

III. Athletics Report – J. Fiore

  • Stony Brook is a very different and unique athletic operation than the Ivy Leagues.
  • There are a lot of Athletic facilities being built. Received a major donor of $4.5 mil., the largest gift given to a SUNY athletic program in its history. We will be building a state of the art weight room for student athletes. A new $3 Mil. state of the art track and field has been completed. The transformation of University Field to Joe Nathan Field is currently underway and the first phase of construction will be completed in May 2011 which will be named after former Stony Brook and current Minnesota Twins pitcher Joe Nathan. A new Rec Center is also under construction.

IV. Senate President’s Report (F. Walter)

  • Thanked Joan Kuchner and Robert Kerber, who are retiring, for their years of dedicated service to both Senates.
  • Since Bob Kerber is retiring, we need a new person to represent the Senate on the Intercollegiate Athletics Board. Looking for volunteers or nominations.
  • Under New Business today, we will be voting on the Guidelines for Senior Lecturer.
  • The revised e-mail policy is included in today’s packet. Please read it over the summer so that we can take it up again in September
  • The resolution on Graduate Student Fees was read. A motion was made to adopt. Motion adopted unanimously.

V. President’s Report (S. Stanley)

  • Provost search: Have interviewed a number of candidates in April. Several candidates were invited to visit the campus and have meetings with key administrators and faculty. Nancy Squires as been asked to serve as Interim Provost if the position is not filled by July 1st.
  • Two tuition initiatives: The Chancellor has crafted legislation which creates a rational tuition plan for all 64 campuses. It calls for a 5.5% tuition increase each year for five years. The bill would require that tuition revenue be used solely to support SUNY and not go into the general fund. The second is Gov. Cuomo’s strong support for UB2020. This includes a provision which would give the University of Buffalo flexibility to charge a rate of tuition higher than other SUNY Campuses. We are in support of this bill and are in productive discussions with the Governor’s Office and legislative leaders to make sure that Stony Brook is included in any legislation that allows for differential tuition.
  • The Governors office announced a new proposal (part of 2020) called SUNY UC2020: All four SUNY Centers would be eligible to compete for a capital amount of $35 Mil. per center. Should be designated for capital development.
  • Commencement will be on May 25th.

VI. Provost’s Report: E. Kaler

  • Three SB professors were awarded 2011 Guggenheim Fellowships. They are Agnes Weiyun He, Sachiko Murata and Jeffrey Segal.
  • The issue of class availability for the fall is one that is being taken seriously. A large group representing CAS, Advising, the Provost’s Office and others have developed ways to get the message to students about the complexities they will face as a consequence of our inability to find as many sections in the coming fall as we have had in the past. This requires students to pay attention, to get good advice and to follow the advice. If none of these work, it is suggested they need to look beyond the fall and spring as options for completing their degree and consider winter/summer sessions.
  • Continuing to look at budget cuts. Looking to increase revenues and faculty workload.
  • A proposal to merge the departments of Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies with Women’s and Gender Studies into the Department of Cultural Analysis and Theory is on the table.

VII. Report from the East Campus (written report provided by K. Kaushansky)

VIII. UUP Report (K. Southerton)

  • Elsie Coram Health Care Center is closing. A number of people from Stony Brook work at the center. There will be a rally at the Center on Thursday to support the need for continued funding.
  • UUP members will be getting a negotiation update in the mail. Will receive continued coverage until contract signed.
  • HSC Chapter UUP meeting will be held on May 13th.

IX. Report on 158th Plenary Session Meeting (K. Gillespie)

  • Gave a brief description of the University Faculty Senate with the official description.
  • Four resolutions were passed at the Plenary Session.
  • Highlights of the meeting were presentations by: Chancellor Zimpher, on the state of the NY State budget and plans for the future and Provost Lavallee, on initiatives in his office (e.g., Student mobility initiatives).

X. Update on the Bain 50 Forward Study (M. Grimstad and M. Kerr)

M. Kerr:

  • This is the third leg (Operational Excellence) of a three-part program that is part of Project 50 Forward. The first two parts being the academic greatness portion with the strategic planning and the building for the future with the long term facilities master plans.
  • Biggest effort underway is the Procurement area. Trying to lower the cost of goods and services that the university purchases. We are on the middle of the program. The diagnostic phase is complete and we are now in the Design phase. From there we are looking at the Administrative and Facilities functions.
  • Looking at departments or areas and thinking through how they can run more effectively and efficiently. Looking into hiring practices and how it can be streamlined and automated.
  • Not looking at Hospital, Vets home, academic affairs or student services.
  • Now that it is in the design phase, there are 16 different initiatives running that are supported by a Program Management Office which is a tracking mechanism for the groups. The Program Management Office is overseeing this process.

M. Grimstad:

  • SB spends $160 Mil. on goods and services. You have to break it down into categories and do an analysis on those categories to get a better understanding on how you spend across vendors (e.g., if you concentrate vendors would you get a better price, e.g.) Potential for a 6-9% in improvement based on improving practices across four areas, policy, compliance, volume and price
  • SBU administrative staff levels are lean not only relative to the SUNY peers but particularly to AAU institutions.
  • Looking at big budget gaps. The steering Committee for operational excellence has assembled a set of principles to guide these efforts. Some emerging recommendations across a few areas: avoid layoffs if at all possible, limit hiring, as positions open up consider the potential for sharing, filling vacancies internally, etc.
  • Shared service centers (departments or colleges sharing resources more than they currently do as vacancies open up, etc.) offer potential to improve academic unit administration.

XI. New Business: Vote on accepting Guidelines for Senior Lecturer: Any opposed: none. All in Favor: passes by acclimation.

XII. Old Business: No old business.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15.

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