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University Senate
Meeting Minutes
March 1, 2010

I. Approval of Tentative Agenda: Approved.

II. Approval of Minutes from February 1, 2010: Approved.

III. Senate President’s Report (M. Schwartz)

  • Committee on Constitutional Reform: Must be looked at every several years. Looking at changing election wording. Mostly editorial changes. Should have first results at next meeting.
  • Want to hold Roundtable discussion with the representative of the state-wide UUP, University Administration, and Undergraduate and Graduate Student government around the issues of PHEEIA and the budget. UUP meeting this Thursday at 12:00 with Phil Smith in SAC Ballroom A.
  • EC is drafting a resolution around PHEEIA

IV. Haiti Initiative (S. Di Monda)

  • 58 students with Haitian addresses/residences.
  • Have come up with strategies for fundraising, events, etc.
  • The University Hospital is sending medical personnel to help with the effort.
  • There is support for students at the Counseling Center.
  • The student leaders have been instrumental in the effort by holding candlelight vigils, memorial vigils and other events on campus. There is a campus response website.

V. Report from Research Assistant’s Union

  • There are 740 graduate students that conduct research projects at Stony Brook.
  • Fighting for livable wages, improved health insurance, bridge fund and more money for research.
  • Compared to other institutions, the cost of living in Stony Brook is very high. The fees are high. Do not want PI’s to have to pay from their grants.
  • From the 2009 Research Foundation financial reports, we know there is over 36 Mil. in unrestricted and restricted funds. The RA’s feel that some portion of these funds should be designated to better the pay and benefits.

VI. Provost’s Report (E. Kaler)

  • Budget: working with Deans to determine process for needed reductions. Meeting with Capra to discuss options.
  • Strategic Planning is ongoing. Five additional committees will be formed to address more over-arching topics and themes.
  • SBU-BNL 2010 Seed Grant Program was set up as a vehicle for fostering collaborative efforts between the University and BNL. Deadline for submission of proposals is April 2, 2010.

VII. President’s Report (S. Stanley)

  • Haiti efforts: Organization of Effort and sustainability in the long-term. Frances Brisbane and Mark Aronoff are co-chairs of Haiti task force.
  • Budget: Held a first ever gather on January 29th of LI’s legislative delegation. Presented strongest case for advancing PHEEIA and how important the passage of this legislation would be for Stony Brook. Class sizes are rising. Could result in 400-500 FTE positions. We are committed to shrinking administrative costs.
  • Administrative searches: SON – Committee completed their work and will be looking at their recommendations. VP for Development Advancement – Search Committee has met. They reviewed various search firms with experience in this area of recruitment.
  • Songdo: Provost Kaler and President Stanley went to Korea. Impressed with scope of the site. Lots of challenges. Need to look at which schools are interested in participating. Nothing has been signed yet.

VIII. UUP Report (K. Southerton)

  • Phil Smith, President of SUNY state-wide UUP. Will be here on Feb. 4th in SAC Ballroom A.
  • Phil Smith sent a letter outlining additional concerns regarding the Governor’s budget to all UUP members. Call or email Phil with issues you may have.
  • Governor Paterson most likely will not re-elected next year.
  • Bob Aller: There is no vehicle on website to voice concerns or a poll to see how UUP members feel about the budget/PHEEIA. There is no way to contact UUP leadership. There is no way to input our concerns.

IX: Presentations on PHEEIA:

Undergraduate Student Government (J. Wilson)

  • Majority of students polled are in favor of PHEEIA.
  • Negatives: Class sizes are increasing. Critical decline in papers being graded.
  • There is concern on huge lack of information from administration.
  • No one wants a tuition increase but feel that is a necessity in the long-term for a great education.

Graduate Student Organization (D. Selterman)

Time ran out. Dylan Selterman has a written report on GSO Position on PHEEIA. Will email it to Senators.

Meeting Adjourned – 5:00 p.m.

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Laurie Theobalt

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