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University Senate
February 4, 2013
Wang Center, Lecture Hall 2

I. Approval of Agenda
II. Approval of Minutes from December 3, 2012
III. Report from the MOOC Committee (E. Mendieta)
IV. Update on Gen Ed Proposal (S. Sutherland)
V. Report from the President (S. Stanley)
VI. Report from East Campus (K. Kaushansky)
VII. Report from the Provost (D. Assanis)
VIII. Report from University Faculty Senate Plenary Session (A. Shertzer)
VIII. Report from the UUP (A. Shertzer)
IX. New Business
X. Old Business

University Senate
February 4, 2013

I. Approval of Agenda: approved.

II. Approval of minutes from December 3, 2012: approved.

III. Report from the MOOC Committee (E. Mendieta and W. Tang)

  • The MOOCs task force was established by the Provost in December. The committee is meeting on a weekly basis. The Task force is charged with exploring the future of MOOC’s and how they impact on-line education. .
  • There are nine sub-committees.
  • Most MOOC’s are non credit bearing.
  • Two town hall meetings are being held on both the East and West campus.
  • There will be feedback forms available on the Provost’s website at:

IV. President’s Report (S. Stanley) (see written Report)

  • Elaine Crossen: The Gyrodyne $167 million judgment became final. The judgment became final after the state budget was enacted. There were many discussions with the division of budget in SUNY Central about how the state would go about paying a judgment of this size. Subsequently, Stony Brook was asked to contribute $98 million in capital construction costs, particularly critical maintenance expenditures. There were projects that were going forward and had to delay until the budget can be restored. Have been advocating in Albany to get the money restored. Some progress is being made. The Governor’s budget proposal includes $30 million to fund a project that was delayed (part to go for the electrical feeder project). Hoping for another $30 million in the 30-day amendment cycle. No new money is in the budget for critical maintenance.

V. Update on Gen Ed Proposal (S. Sutherland)

  • Over the winter break, the committee worked on incorporating the technology requirements
  • Renamed it to Stony Brook Curriculum Requirement. There are now ten different requirements.
  • One issue that has not been resolved is certification. A certification committee needs to be constituted with membership from the A&S Curriculum Committee and augmented by voting faculty representatives from other committees. Would be viewed as a university-wide committee.
  • New document is posted on the Provost’s website.
  • Still mixed opinions on grading.

VI. East Campus Report (K. Kaushansky)

  • Curriculum Reform is underway with the goals of earlier transition from basic sciences to the clinical setting.
  • Exploring the expansion of the medical school class from 124 freshmen to 140.
  • Expanded SOM faculty by 100.
  • Clinical Affairs continues to receive attention. The creation of a network of hospitals and physicians are all under the banner of Stony Brook Medicine will make for improved patient centered services.
  • Recruitment of new faculty leadership continues with ongoing searches for chairs of radiology and surgery (nearing completion and radiation oncology and anesthesiology (launched last month).
  • Redesign of the new faculty development office is underway.

VII. Provost’s Office (D. Assanis)

  • Provost’s Office has charged a joint Provostial-Senate ad-hoc task force to consider the broad spectrum of issues related to MOOCs.
  • Initiating a search for the Dean of the Graduate School.
  • There was an impressive pool of candidates for first round of the Faculty Diversity Program Awards. Dr. Glenda Trujillo, Asst. Prof. of Pathology and Dr. Courtney Martin, Asst. Prof. of Art History were chosen for the awards.
  • Provost’s Distinguished Lecture series for this month intends to bring the best and brightest in fields of Science and Engineering.
  • 2012-2013 Call for Nominations for the Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Classified Service has been announced.
  • We have hired 46 new faculty dispersed across the west campus with three new chairs in Arts and Humanities.

VIII. Report from the University Faculty Senate Plenary Session and Report on UUP (A. Shertzer)

IX. New Business: no new business.

X. Old Business: no old business.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

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