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Stony Brook University, University Senate
University Environment Committee
Monday, December 8th, 2014
VP Conference Room: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Attended: Regina Lento, Ann Gleason, Barbara Chernow, Dawn Pappas,
John Sparano, Teri Tiso, John Murray, Malcolm Bowman, Paul Siegel, John O’Conner, Terence Harrigan, Edward Feldman

Guest: N/A
Introductions: John Murray
Everyone introduced himself or herself
Motion to Approve the minutes: Paul Siegel, John Murray second

The president of the University Senate, Ed Feldman, thanks John Murray and our committee for the good work that we do.

  1. Energy Conservation on Campus (Terence Harrigan).

Terence is presenting on the SBU Energy Master Plan. Phase I: 8 projects are identified which are priority. Exterior Lighting> LED replacements, Renovate Lab Fume Hoods, Replace Variable Frequency Drives in various bldgs.,
Expand HVAC controls in some bldgs., Better Weatherization in bldgs., Insulate pipes and valves, install thermal meters in select bldgs., replace retro-commission variable air volume boxes, insulate exterior walls and ceilings and S. Campus bldgs.., replace 50 roof top air handler units on S. Campus bldgs..
We are pretty much independent of LIPA, and PSEG, according to Barbara Chernow.
Measuring the projects: SBU energy manager software monitors the amount of energy and reports the data to SUNY Energy Office.
Groups of bldgs. Will be monitored.
We also have our own program, Lucid which provides a visualization of energy use at al local level. Bldg. Managers, Sustainability and Campus Ops use it as a tool to manage consumption.
Savings so far have been over 35 Million dollars with the Original Honeywell Project.
Current Honeywell Project –projected annual energy savings – over 1 million.
Energy Meters have all been upgraded
Demand Management Schneider/ION metering software installed to communicate w/Siemens bldg.. Management system.
Calpine Co. is not happy with us.
Paul stated that in Harriman it was optional for air conditioners to be put in or not. His air conditioner currently does not work.
More SBU internal projects: 100 HP motor replaced in Library, VFD type
Pipe, Valve, and Tank insulation – light engineering, East and West Plants, Library, Arts and Physics.
LED lights have been upgraded in many parking lots across campus, and also inside Javits, SAC, and Wang.
Research is in progress in using LED lights across the campus.
John Sparano is working on a Master Energy Plan with East and West Campus.
Malcolm Bowman thinks this is a huge challenge. Human behavior patterns are the hardest to change. Terence stated that people do not want light sensors, and they do not want Verdiame. There is fear on campus.
Barbara stated John O’Connor has done an amazing job with sustainability.
Teri Tiso is asking about upgrading and looking into eliminating old technology.
Malcolm Bowman suggested a flashing banner on the homepage about our Energy savings on campus. Everyone agrees with this idea.
Paul is asking about Lobby TV’s giving weather alerts.
John and everyone thank Terence for his presentation.
John mentions that Faculty seems to be the weakest link when it comes to energy conservation.
Malcolm states if each dept. can provide the amount they save,

  1. Committee members from HFA?.

John wants to know if there was any luck recruiting from this area.
Malcolm nominated John Lutterbie from the art dept.

  1. Election of new Officers

    Paul has been nominated for Chair. Paul is elected new Chair. Teri Tiso, Vice Chair. Dawn is staying on as recording secretary.
  1. New business: Skateboarders and bike riders, are misusing some areas of

Date and time for the next meeting: Monday, April 20, 2015th 3:00 pm

Motion to adjourn: John Murray, Second: John Robinson

Meeting adjourned at: 3:00 PM

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